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Sefa Kehk, Goblin Warrior

Looks Sefa Kehk, Goblin Warrior 1

You've met Akasha, the nobility of the tribe - now meet one of its mighty warriors, Sefa!
Custom Blender-sculpted, fine aged morph and an artisanal crafted original skin, wrought from the dual essences of high fantasy and primal instinct:

Desktop Screenshot 2022.08.11 -

Sefa Khnek: Deadly warrior, voracious skank.

Desktop Screenshot 2022.08.12 - (2).png
Desktop Screenshot 2022.08.12 -
Desktop Screenshot 2022.08.12 - (2).png

If she's looking down at you, you're... pretty far down!

I don't have any pictures of her in her fighting/hunting gear, because every time a human like myself is nearby, she's suddenly naked.
It's something to do with a defensive instinct? Magus-anthropologists have theorized that becoming a sexual plaything is a highly effective strategy at staying alive (and making allies) in the company of larger, potentially dangerous humanoids.

Desktop Screenshot 2022.08.19 -

Goblettes, with (Hannah) banana (5'4") for scale, and an 11" male human specimen.

Being diminutive does have its drawbacks. Goblettes can't handle big dicks in their gobussies - it just won't fit!
So, it's fortunate that most of them love getting, uh, gobuttfucked enough to be constantly "forging alliances."

Desktop Screenshot 2022.08.15 -
Desktop Screenshot 2022.08.12 - (2).png

Politics, goblin-style
Unfortunately, since they will take just about anyone's cock in their asses, even if it violates a treaty with a different cock, goblins have earned a reputation for being "dirty, sneaky little animals."
Make no mistake, this is nothing more than a sad misunderstanding by those ignorant of goblin nature and culture, and perhaps those who form too close of an emotional bond with one... and become resentful of the subsequent dicks in her ass.


I'm actually not joking about the butt stuff. VAM often has trouble with penetration (as you likely know already), and an extra small coochie doesn't help! So, unfortunately, without extensive morph and collider tweaks (that I have yet to achieve), it's gonna have to be:
Desktop Screenshot 2022.08.18 -

Putting the "anal" in "artisanal"
(Note: Charcoal scrawl decal available to download separately above)

💚I hope you like her!💚 It's been far too long since I was working in my fantasy/monstergirl roots, so this was a much needed detour from the usual boring sexy humans, as well as a lot of fun to stretch my abilities with character customization. (And, of course, stretching some goblin ass.)

VAR contains a scene and an appearance preset for Sefa.
"ANAL ONLY" decal file available as separate download.

to Damarmau for the lovely environment, I think I have some forest bits by vs1 in there too. Morph tweaks to help out my sculpt by TenStrip, Kemenate, WeebU, ParticlePinnacle, and Jackaroo (expressions and water).
MacGruber for the PostMagic that makes my screenshots look SO much better... hair by NoStage3, VAM_GS, JoyBoy, and VaMChan (wait, how many hairdos does she have?). Prestigitis for the hand pose plugin.

♥ ♥ And as always, a huge HUGE thanks to my wonderful patrons!💕 It might not seem like I have many of them, but for someone with free-only releases and basically zero effort to actually monetize my stuff, it's really a lot!
I count myself super lucky to have such great fans and tippers who think my work is worth their encouragement.
(Though there are special WIPs and occasional slightly early access releases as a patron-only treat/thank you.)

If you want to check out all my stuff, of course there's my Patreon, as well as my website (See if you can find the NSFW Galleries page, for my galleries of sexy shenanigans...😘)
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Latest reviews

Fantastic work! Not just a short green girl with long ears, this character actually resembles a Goblin.
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This is my first encounter of this, but what a shamanic surprise finding the intricacies of lore involved.

While I didn't download thi to see superior initiative personally, the artistic style is an exfoliating find. Toss the ingredient values of Four Loko into Sehesifa's Emotion praguelem binaries in optional order.

That will vessel the approximation of one-thousand ninety-five persona four tbh as self. Subtract lekku dimensions for accurate nose length. Green elf has muse her nose.
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she is perfect for the pleasures of the flesh
in my VR hell. Hooou Yes . . . ! 5/5 *
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I truly appreciate the amount of work you put into your models and their backstories. Thank you for sharing her with us. <3
Thanks for the review, Rainey! Glad the work is showing 😁
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