Seam Guides by SnowSultan

Textures Seam Guides by SnowSultan 2020-11-03

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Seam Guides

These textures can be loaded into your favorite paint program as a layer to help you know where your paint will end up on the model.

Snow Sultan was nice when asked for permission and said that these can be used by the community but that they can not be sold. All credit on these textures goes to Snow Sultan.


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  1. addached original zip files too

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A must have for creating or modifying textures
-> standard 4096x4096 resolution
-> seem to be made from DAZ High Mesh resolution - not Base
-> var uses 256 color PNGs, source files 256 color GIFs

Stop downrating if you do not know what you are doing.
These files contain exactly what they are supposed to contain.
These are for the BASE (!) Genesis 2 Female / Male which do not have a 'physical' genitals - so it cannot match.

Gential UVs must be from the exact same gentials used by VAM obviously.
Which I think was Renderotica SKU 42366 by 3feetwolf.
Genitals seams are not accurate.
Thank you sir, very useful.
Super useful!
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