Plugins SceneStripper 3

Designed as session plugin

With 1 click remove all the lights and VAM built-in environments from a scene

Also remove all possessable control points from all characters and add head and hand possessable to characters of a gender of your choice.

To speed up the process of editting other creators scenes to your own aesthetics

Included a few subscenes to play with



So I often found myself removing and then re-adding from other creators scenes specially the lighting and environment setups, also removing all possessable from characters from mocap scenes that get left on. It's a lot of clicks, so, I automated the process.

I figured others would like such an automation tool, so here it is.
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Latest updates

  1. Added Rename person completely with Gender option

    Added rename all persons with gender Also fixed up prefix which had regex and order issues
  2. Added some categories + remove all but persons buttons + Add Gender prefix to name options

    Added some more buttons and options. Sometimes the "nuke it all but persons" is kind of what...

Latest reviews

People will love this, I've been doing similar with JayJay's UIAssist forever. Use this function all the time. One thing I found helpful was the ability to fully rename any persons. May want to consider. Great work.
I hadn't found the menu to delete atoms JayJay's UIAssist when I last looked, found it now. Good, but I guess this plugin offers more options for the specific feature. Anyway, will continue for those that want it.
As for renaming, this plugin is a little dumb, there's no target selection, it's all atoms it finds. What kind of renaming were you thinking off? I could add an option to replace the name with gender instead of prefix - might do that anyway...
Literally been wondering since I started using VAM why there wasn't an option to delete all of (insert asset here). I'm an art guy not a coder or I would have done it myself ages ago. Top marks
Love it! Thanks
Five starts just for the idea alone - bonus that it work!
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