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This is intended for high resolution 1440p+ 3840x2160+ monitors only!
1440p and ultrawide resolutions are now supported.

TLDR: Make the UI scale usable for 4K+.
  • allow resolution change 'on the fly' without VAM restart
  • scale the bottom left bar in VAM to a usable size for 4K
  • allow UI scaling up to 8K (It makes VAM assume a UI scale of 1.0 is for 3840x2160 instead of 1920x1080)
Technically you can use it for the 'resolution change' option only. But to prevent unreachable UI elements any attempt to activate the 4K UI-Scaling with a resolution height < 1440 pixels will not work.

Keyboard shortcuts:
  • Control + Home -> Toggle active
  • Control + left/right -> change UI scale
  • Control + up/down -> change FoV (Field of View)
  • Control + page up -> set native monitor resolution
  • Control + page down -> set a low resolution that is near 1080p with your monitors aspect ratio
Use as Session Plugin recommended.

UI scale comparison:
VAM FHD vs 4K UI scale_32c.png

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Thanks for this, it should help alot of people with visual problems.
Must have for me using 4K. TY!
Awesome plugin for us with higher resolution screens. And awesome support by Sally who updated the functionality according to user needs.
V cool
Thanks for this!
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