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  • replaced bottom left toolbar text with field of view and frames per second
  • increased the original VAM UI scale slider maximum from 2x to 4x to allow 8K UI with original VAM scaling, Plugin must be in enabled/loaded, but deactivated state for this, removing the Plugin will reset this to the default 2x
  • activated hidden "Toggle Monitor"-mode button on toolbar, the button will stay visible when removing the Plugin will
SallyUIscale4KV6 toolbar text_32c.png

After posting screenshots on Discord related to other things I was asked where I got the bottom left FPS counter from. It's part of this Plugin. I've been using that for a while already. Wasn't sure if anybody would want this and did not release it. Guess I was wrong. It's a nice quick way for me to check performance. Also in desktop mode I change the FoV (Field of View) a lot depending on the scene. So I removed the not very useful standard VaM text and replaced that.

I've tried various implementations for the FPS-counters. In the end I used one that updates every 30 frames. It is fast, simple and good enough for typical use cases. Only with very high FPS (200+) the precision isn't hat good anymore. The FPS number will turn red if under 58. If you want another threshold than 58 edit line 163 in the code of V6.
This update mainly adds support for new resolutions and is more experimental.
The popular 2560x1440 and 3440x1440 resolutions now work.
  • Minimum resolution height to activate is now 1440 (was 2160).
  • All resolutions below 1440p are not supported. Use the build-in VAM UI Scale slider for them!
  • 21:9 resolutions supported: 3440x1440, 3840x1600
  • 16:9 resolutions supported: 2560x1440, 3200x1800, 3840x2160
  • 16:10 resolutions supported: 2304x1440, 2560x1600, 2880x1800, 3072x1920, 3456x2160
  • 3:2 resolutions supported: 2160x1440, 2256x1504, 2400x1600, 3000x2000, 3240x2160
  • 4:3 resolutions supported: 1920x1440, 2048x1536, 2880x2160
  • Control + page up will now set the native display resolution (was fixed 3840x2160).
  • Control + page down will now set a resolution near a 1080 height with the displays aspect ratio (was fixed 1920x1080).
  • Lowered step size for UI scale Control + left/right to 0.05 (was 0.1).
  • Added text with current resolution, aspect ratio, etc
Concerning support for other ultrawide or exotic resolutions:
Unfortunately I cannot test ultrawide resolutions that exceed my 3840x2160 monitor res. in width or height.​
Therefore I cannot adjust the UI correctly for 5160x2160 or high 32:9 resolutions in general.​
Use the debug-sliders to adjust the bottom left toolbar yourself.​
Report back your resolution, bar xyz and offset values so I can add support.​
Or even better, send me a screenshot with SallyUIscale4K open and the bar aligned to the bottom left corner.​

To apply a new resolution and related settings correctly it is necessary to click 'apply' twice or press key shortcuts again.
Convenience Update that adds keyboard shortcuts:

Control + Home -> Toggle active
Control + left/right -> change UI scale
Control + up/down -> change FoV (Field of View)
Control + page up -> set 3840x2160 resolution
Control + page down -> set 1920x1080 resolution

Users of older Versions - remember to update your session Plugin defaults to V4.

5K or higher resolution monitor?
The page up 3840x2160 resolution is hardcoded, but can be modified easily.
Use 7zip to extract the source code, edit the following code to your desired resolution, then zip it back into the var-file.
if (Input.GetKeyDown("page up"))
    PickRes("3840x2160"); // <- just change this to your resolution
  • minor fixes
  • removing the Plugin will now reset the UI back to default
Updated description on VAM Hub. The Plugin has been tested long enough and it's safe to say there are no UI glitches due to the dirty method used for UI scaling.
  • added option to set the screen resolution
  • added checks to prevent unreachable UI with a resolution height lower than 2160 in case:
    • VAM was started with a low resolution > load Plugin in deactivated state​
    • User tries to activate Plugin with a low resolution > refuse​
    • User lowers resolution > deactivate​
It should be possible to set resolutions above 3840x2160 if you have the hardware. The list of screen resolutions comes from Unity's Screen.resolutions. Anything lower than 1280x720 is removed because it is unusable.
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