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Happy Elf Month (barely)!!

Meet Pyykka (pronounced "pee-ick-ka"). She's half elf and half goblin.

"Pyykka" is a word in Old Noldrin that means "small hill."
This kind of short, descriptive name is traditional for Pyykka's Paw's side of the family, despite being in her mother's native language. Unfortunately, while "small hill" referred to the extra cute baby bump her elvish mom had while pregnant, it makes a lot less sense now... Pyykka's "hills" are hardly small!

Desktop Screenshot 2024.03.25 -

With Paw and Mother.
When you're half goblin and half elf, you soon realize that your overbearing mother will literally live forever, while your crazy fun Paw is already getting old at 28 (yes, he was 9 when he had her. Shut up. Goblins are like that).


That, along with the bit of identity crisis, means it's only natural to end up getting into a bit of counter-culture.
Hence, Pyykka's Goth phase!


Pyykka still loves the summers visiting Paw's family!
Most goblin females are born to be warriors, but every so often the Breeder genes are expressed during puberty and the lucky girl's body changes more drastically than usual, preparing her for a life of rearing pups in the den.
Of course, goblins all know a Breeder when they see one, especially with the "relevant traits" being strangely amplified by her Elven blood! They can't help when the caretaking instinct kicks in, and next thing Pyykka knows, her niece and and second cousin are washing her in the creek while doting over her smooth, exotic (to them) complexion.

Desktop Screenshot 2024.03.29 -

Scenes: Comes with two static scenes - the "bath" scene (performance warning - 3 people!), and an elfette twinsies one (see below) to show off the "Tall" morph.
Morphs: I made three fully original custom-sculpted morph variants for Pyykka - half-goblin; elf; and elf with small boobs.
8K skins: I heavily edited my 8K "Ty Lee" skin to adapt it into both elf and goblin versions.
Turns out I didnt' know what I was doing back then, and there was a lot to fix!! But some quality details too.
And for once, I made the makeup from scratch, the goth eyes and lips (the non-goth eyeliner is from Kemenate).

Desktop Screenshot 2024.03.26 -

Desktop Screenshot 2024.04.06 -

Presets: The package comes with 3 appearance presets using the 3 morph versions; the half-goblin preset is goth style.
I also included options so you can "build your own", in case you want to go medieval: 4 extra nipple decal options; 2 hair preset options; and the medieval-style clothing preset.

Skin and nipple options:

Her goth hairstyle uses Stopper's Hair Color Texture plugin; if her hair looks bland and gray and you want the blue tips, be sure to apply that plugin and reload the blue & black "PyykkaGothHair.jpg" texture from custom\atom\person\textures\syrinxo\pyykka in the VAR.

Highly recommend using Stopper's Contortionist and turning Pectoral angle to around -35 for the big boobs so they hang better; also, there are two Collider Editor presets in the VAR, one for the goblin-size body and one for the Pyykka head only.

I hope you love this wacky chick as much as I do!! Let me know if you have any issues, or if there's a variation you'd like to have but I didn't include.

Please leave a 👍🏽 or 😍 if you like my work, knowing the community likes my stuff really keeps me going! ❤️
And of course, if you want to support my work, check out my Patreon! Special stuff in there for supporters.
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