Plugins PosingHelper 2.01

I've been using your plugin in every scene i make.
But in this version i cant figure out which or where are symmetry and swap buttons.
every thing is in help menu, the symmetry button was replaced with an icon (the line with the two mirrod points) and swap is now done with shift+middle clicking the mouse. this update introduced a little learning curve bit i think it's for the better in the long run.
This is now the best way to move, pose, and animate person atoms in desktop mode!
Slight learning curve, but once you get yourself familiar with all of its features and how to control them, it's the fastest and most comfy posing available either natively or on hub. And I've tried all of it.
Super useful plugin for me.
Soo stinkin' helpful! TYVM!
Love it! Makes posing much easier
As a HS2 and koikatsu User this makes posing in Vam perfect for me now thanks for this awesome plugin!
As a HS2 user, this is perfect.
Very useful for posing
The symetry and link buttons are a game changer!
Great tool for creating new poses!
Version 8 Broke the ability to use it in VR though =(
Limb Mirroring and swapping only works if the model is facing forward. (Y Rotation = 0)
sorry to hear that, I try will fixing it asap
At first it was a bit rough, but newest update made it an essential plugin for me. Posing is fast and efficient. Also, position changes register with Timeline without need to manually keyframe pose (even if you just copy over sides instead of moving the controller!). Along with nicely working real-time symmetry, animating will be much more efficient in many cases. Below tip for Timeline users, as in one case it can mess up your keyframes.

Having symmetry on will continuously create a keyframe for your right side targets only, but make sure to have it disabled if you are using scrubber with your mouse in Timeline, as each time you select any time position, it will create keyframe there. You could have it on, if you navigate only with next frame or previous frame. Or you could navigate with the mouse with symmetry off and hit the button twice to register a single keyframe where you want it. During playback extra keyframes are not created. But you should be really using either symmetry mode for full mirroring and keyframing only left side then, or using it to create right side mirrors at specific points.
Excellent plugin! Posing has always been a pain for me, but with this plugin, it's much faster and easier to create poses. Thank you!
thank you for the 5 start.
i just updating and would love you to tell me what you think.
Shiny! Looks like the way fancier version of one of my past favorites - the old posemirroring plugin from ... way back when (2019, I think?). Particularly like the global/local switching option - that was sorely missed back then.

Bit confused about the reference to "IK animation"? Do you mean it's possible to add smth like an Full-body IK solver to VaM person atoms? I thought that was only possible for CUAs?
i meant one where you move by changing the position , and another where you change the location kinda like the HSPE one.
i would be happy if you tried the update to let me know what to change.
also doesn't vam already include a full-body IK solver?
I like your avatar.
i didn't pick him he picked me
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