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You can copy the poses of other Persons separately for each location.

PoseCopy UI.png

How to use:
1) Load two or more people into the scene.
2) Load this plugin to anyone who wants to get the final pose.
3) In "Source Person", select the person in the pose you want to copy.
4) Press the button for which you want to copy the pose.
Pose can be copied not only from right hand to right hand and right foot to right foot, but also from right hand to left hand and left foot to right foot.
5) If you make a mistake, click the "Undo" button. You can go back only one step.

The source is on the right.
PoseCopy sample1.png

Copy only the "Hand" on the left.
PoseCopy sample2.png

Copy both "Hand".
PoseCopy sample3.png

Do not press the buttons continuously, but wait until the copy is stable.

If you increase or decrease the number of Persons in the scene, reload the plug-in.

Depending on the pose, the expected result may not be achieved. In that case, "Undo", manually move the control to a place close to the final shape, and then execute again.

The source is on the right.
PoseCopy sample4.png

The position / angle of rHandControl is correct, but the body is not following correctly.
PoseCopy sample5.png

Click "Undo" and then manually adjust the rHandControl.
PoseCopy sample6.png

PoseCopy sample7.png

"Hand" copies the Controls on the hands, elbows, arms, and shoulders.
"Foot" copies the Foot, Toe, Knee, and Thigh Controls.
"Head" copies head and neck Controls.
"Hip" copies the lower body Controls other than "Foot".
The copy criterion is chestControl.
The status of each Control is copied, but ParentLink and PhysicsLink are released.

Finger Pose is only compatible with BuiltIn.
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