//\\/\\ORPHINE closed BETA II (download closed - please join discussion)

Plugins //\\/\\ORPHINE closed BETA II (download closed - please join discussion) V24B

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NOTE: The download is now closed, This "update" is an invitation to join the discussion (here) to debate what the next steps will be in development, what works and what doesnt.

Future plans so far is:

Improve/clean up chat

Improve the morph-listing

Add Magnets, an Atom-type thar allows for attaching atoms/sliders/buttons etc to player head/left/right-hand in VR to easily make menus that stick to the player hand ready without having to know scripting as VAM does not allow atoms to be linked to player hand/head on save.

improve the co-op modelling feature

Add co-op movement

Add more hover-submenus over the native vam-UI

NB: Only download if you are willing to provide feedback/experiment/communicate actively. This is a CLOSED beta e.g there is no documentation yet and some features are under heavy development. //\\/\\ORPHINE has its own upgrade-system, and closed BETA II WILL enforce upgrade of the plugin if necessary - it will not alter any VAM-related settings or files. "Closed BETA" also means "shit-full of bugs". //\\/\\ORPHINE is a session-preset plugin, and will install itself if you open the auto-installer scene (for lazy people - eg 99.99% of us, myself included).

If you have ANY questions, I will be online ingame ready to help most of the time, or reach me here on the hub, or in the discussion here, or on Discord on the official VAM-server, same name as here.

//\\/\\ORPHINE is an additional UI for VAM with three main purposes:

1. Save huge amount of time by doing things in seconds and in realtime where you normally would use hours, days and weeks to do manually. That can be anything from cleaning dupe morphs in a model, to adjusting 1000 morphs in correlation to one another with a single slider in realtime or searching up five keywords instead of the one-word filter limitation in VAM. Even though the documentation isnt written yet, the UI is built from the top-down to be fast and save time/clicks to a minimum compared to the native VAM UI, example turn on/off 15 recources in seconds without having to click your way through the VAM UI for every single one of those 15 resources, or changing skin but keeping the textures, copy/paste morphs, textures, positions etc between atoms.

2. Provide a ingame online community, with channels for every scene, author/creator - you automatically join the authors/scene`s channel when loading a scene someone made in addition to a central \/\/\/\NET-channel - aswell as co-op MMORPG modelling, example 100 users can work on the same model together in realtime, or a creator can stream his/her modelling in realtime in VR or desktop to 1000 viewers, basically one person editing 1000 models in realtime.

3. Do what VAM and basically any 3D-app cant / wont do natively > smooth advanced yet logic/easy blending of morphs between models, allowing you to create unique looks in realtime from previous looks without the need for merging morphs.

short QA:

Q: Can I -not- auto-connect to chat every time?

A: Yes, hit the "autoconnect on/off" in the right top corner of the chatw8ndow.

Q: Can I -not- have the chat and web-window visible?

A: yes, just hit the "CHAT" or "WEB" - button, that will show/hide shit.

Q: Fine, but where can I save the settings etc like the webwindow hiding on next reload?

A: Everything you click and set is autosaved, morphine was made for lazy stupid people like me, if youhide the webwindow it will stay hidden on reload, and every other thing you do, ebery inputfield etc is autosaved.

Q: How do i blend morphs?

A: Watch the two videos, theyre pretty short and worth it.

Q: Do you like reindeers?

A: What?

A: Hello? wtf is wrong with you, really, reindeer?

Q: *faps*

A: ffs..

Watch the basic demo-videos before embarking on //\\/\\ORPHINE:

(GIF-image-demo of new V22 features created by _Wolf_, senior-chief plugin-breaker):

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Latest reviews

To be honest watching the tutorial video was enough for me for giving it a positive review, i loled watching that abomination, i know that having coop stuff in a porn game is somehow... polemic? But for real, having an integrated anonymous text chat for every scene is amazing, this plugin has a lot of potential, and this kind of thing should be added by default in VAM2 if you ask me.
I didn't give 5 stars because is still in beta, but i will change it as soon as it is polished.
Great job, I like how you made it realistic by not giving 5-full stars, ive paypaled the amount we agreed upon upfront for the review + ill convinced my sister to have phonesex with you - I didnt want to send pics, she.. is.. well, not pretty after the face-transplant in the aftermath of getting 10.000V in her face when she tried to walk acrobatic balancing on a powerline-tower after drinking three bottles of tequila, why is the reply button different, is this the PM- section?
This gets five stars just because of how cool and ambitious of an undertaking this is. God has proven his chops with some of his past scenes and I am very excited to see what comes of this plugin.
For this review, I will not only let your family live when I obtain world dictatorship, you will also get your own tropical island with a luxury mansion and 50 nervous thin-skinned servants you can scream at and throw acid in their faces when youre bored or just want to show off.
Thank you <3
I'm rating this highly not because it's perfect, or finished, but because of the concept behind this is very interesting. One of the big challenges with using VAM, especially in VR, is the UI - and this already does a lot by removing the layers of menus that you would normally have to switch between to manipulate a character. While personally I do not care for the auto joining chat or the collaborative functions, this is a niche and collaborative community and I could see where it would be useful. Overall I think once this is further developed it will be the go-to method tool to use to develop models in VR. I'm really enjoying the morph mixing when switching between models - it makes it really quick and easy to come up with a new and unique model using some of your favorites you already have. Currently quite buggy, although it's hard to reproduce. It seems the first time I select some of the menu options (changing skins, or loading models for example) I get some errors for null references.
Thank you for detailed feedback <3

The chat autojoin can be turned off with the button in the top-right corner of the chatwindow "autoconnect on/off", aswell as web/chat-window will keep its last state on next load eg it autosaves, so if you hide thr webwindow it will be hidden on plugin reload, all input-field options etc aswell autosaves, including the search-filter, and the last "?"-mark in the leftside alphabet-menu also saves your 30 last searches so you can easily pick them again when needed.

As fir bugs id love more details if you could remember/take note next time or screenshot aa null ref errors usually show a slight hint of where things went south, like "null ref bla bla in Refresh()".

There is a lot left to refine and fix, feedback like yours are worth gold.

PS: Some buttons wont logically have an effect when ex a model isnt loaded then skinchange is a no-go, i just havent nerfed those sutuation yet, right now it will attempt to change skin even if no model is present, same for paste morph and merge button, will fix those next update.
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