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Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas to all! I wanted to drop a little gift for everyone for the holidays!

To all those who have been requesting this model, I'm sorry it took so long but I wanted something special for this years Christmas girl so I held her back till now🎅🎅🎅

This years Christmas girl is Naiomi as used in the Pin-up banner contest.

This time its an appearance preset as people seem to prefer this

I love to see my girls in the wild! So if you think she's hot enough to use her in your scenes please ping me in the release so I don't miss it!

Love Rate Follow and all that good stuff!

Juno_Submission 2.png


A huge thankyou to the talented creators that allow me to do my thing:

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Latest reviews

Wow a banner girl that actually got a release, totally perfect in every way 10 stars!
It amazes me that people have the gall to sell their half baked crap when this is free. So perfect in every way.
Love that ass
Talk about a flex look! My god man that's on another level entirely and that make up is just spectacularly beautiful.
Wow thats a perfect 10!
I was looking for something really beautiful and sexy at the same time. And I came a cross with. She probably most beautiful model you have created thanks.
Thank you so much for saying so. It really was a magic day when Naiomi was born! I have models I think are even more beautiful but I'm only releasing my models if theres a cool project to use them with. Keep you eyes peeled!
Hottest girl in vam and it's not even close❤😘
I agree but then im pretty biased lol!! Thanks for the review!
The first thing I do after opening a scene is to load Juno_naiomi preset.
💕💕💕Thank you so much for the kind words! Made my day!💕💕💕
Came here just to review Naiomi, oh my Naiomi.
Good lord what a babe, mere mortals need not apply.
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