Motoko - Cyborg/Android with a full robot skeleton

Looks Motoko - Cyborg/Android with a full robot skeleton 2021-10-15

This is a free interpretation of Motoko Kusanagi aka the Major from Ghost in the Shell (from the stand alone complex series), which means i did not try too hard rebuilding it exactly, but rather take the setting and create my version of it.
It ended in a Cyborg/Android/Ghost in the Shell/Cyberpunk - mix
I am learning blender and used this look to practise 3d modelling, so even if it took me litterally months to make it, i don't mind sharing it for free (but to be honest importing to vam was harder than creating it in blender, the source file of this is way cleaner than the result in vam but it is what it is i guess 😅 )


The face texture is based on rukk's motoko, but in the end i replaced the eyes and eyebrows to get a higher resolution texture and a little darker makeup around the eyes. The rest of the torso texture is a wild mix of many different textures that i found in my vam downloads, but i guess you will use your own textures anyway 😅


Even though there are only some parts of the Skeleton revealed when the skin is fully applied, there is a complete robot skeleton underneath from head to toe, all done with clothing items so the model movements should be fine and transferring the look is very easy. I don't know where i want to go from here but this will likely be the base for maybe one or two other cyborg variants with a different look but the same internals.


The skeleton as well as the skinplates are entirely made from scratch by me, except the skull / brain and the core, i found these two models on sketchfab and picked the stuff i could use and integrated them.


please be aware that this look consists of many different clothing items. You can not import "real" internal clothing to vam, so everything was built outside the body and then shrunk down inside the body after import. some parts need different offsets, this is why i had to seperate parts that go further inside the body to different clothing items.

Puzzle with the plates, change colors, you can go pretty wild with this if you want to

This stuff is highly experimental and if you go nuts with custom morphs like giant breasts or whatever, i am almost sure there will be some inner parts poking out. If so, you could try to fix it yourself by reducing the offset of the problematic part a bit further or just leave it off

To Use this look in other scenes, you just have to make a Look preset and load the motoko script to the model (or just make a script preset, which is much easier)
The Look comes as a scene. To save and transfer it to any model in any other scene you need to make a preset for the look and a preset the script so you can just load these two presets.

First save the Look in the Control & Physics Tab of the model, then Save Look

Then create a Plugin preset and call it how you want.

The script is needed to hide all bodyparts of the regular vam figure except the lips, teeth, tongue and the genitals.

After you created the presets, you can go to any other scene, mark the female and load these two presets that you just created. easy peasy

I seperated some skinplates so you can easily put them on or off, or make some of them transparent plastic looking or whatever

the skinplates consist of a inner layer, which has a carbon fibre - hexagon - look in my default look, and the outer layer.
both layers use the standard genesis 2 body texture so yes, you can use your own skins and customize her the way you want!
If you want to use your own skins please Keep in mind that this model is using the body parts for the lips and genitals of the regular model, so you have to change the models regular skin too, or at least the textures for the head and genitals. The skin plates clothing items have just a cutout for the lips and genitals with a little bit of overlapping, so if you put the same settings for the skin at the skin plates clothing items and the regular skin, there should be no or at least a barely visible seamline. It is recommended to use diffuse, normal, spec and gloss textures, otherwise you will see a little difference

The look is based on a slightly morphed gen2 model, so if you want to use different or more extreme morphs you will likely encounter some inner parts poking through the skin. Usually you can easily fix this by either lowering the offset of the problematic skeleton part a bit further or just take it off

After looking at her for the first time in vr I realized that you can not even see some of the details like the carbon fingers, the little camera lenses instead of the pupils etc with the htc vive ... what a shame, but i still love my details, even if you can't see them :D
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Looks like you put an amazing amount of effort into the skeleton and everything, thank you!
Absolutely stunning! What an inspiration! Thank you for all the time and detail you put into this, I am in love!
Unbelievable detail.
Simply astounding. The amount of detail is mind-blowing and it renders just perfectly. Incredible work! Thanks a lot for sharing.
Some next-level innovation here. Truly mind-blowing work
This is a must-have collection item for any cyberpunk fan. Period.
Thanks for this model, very impressive work! But I do not understand how you can change the color of the eyes, as in the fifth screenshot?
I will release a update soon where it uses the standard eyes and release some optional eye implant variations as overlays
Simply excellent. Professional and skillful work.
5/5 most attractive droid you will find on VAM. Import into other scenes, add easy gaze plugin, and be amazed at her beauty, mesmerizing gaze/eyes that reflect the soul, or giving you a look into the beyond. A feel of what it is like to have an actual AI robot, such as from Detroit: Become Human

Hope there is more to come, different droid series with the same theme, a mixture of Cyberpunk 2077 and Ghost in the Shell... 2 highly in demand themes and a lack of supply of such art.

People can mod Cyberpunk 2077, install VorpX and play it in VR, and they will never find a droid or cyber-enhanced human looking as good as this. People can dream of the Ghost in the Shell world, but they'll never get to see and interact with droids as detailed as this. Thank you for the amazing work and please do not stop here. You need a whole series starting from here.
Thank you for your kind words!
So I am not into the droid thing, but I DLed this anyways and I gotta say amazing work! Also the scene with the droid staring longingly out the window was just pure art. Really tickled the scifi fan in me.
Thank you!
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