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Motoko 2.0 beta

Looks Motoko 2.0 beta 2

All of my stuff is and will be free, but if you like what i'm doing and want to support me for further projects, you can help me out on patreon, thank you!

So ... here we go again, i proudly present Motoko 2.0

What is it?
Motoko is a robot look that consists of many clothing items layered like a onion and a script to hide the original body.
Everything you see is made with clothing items so it follows the models moves seamlessly and can also be changed with body morphs
everything started as a motoko kusanagi interpretation, but it quickly became a wild mix that isn't 100% ghost in the shell accurate anymore but still matches the setting and i am sure the major would have liked the mantis blades!
the funny thing is that you can't even see most of the shit when everything is fully applied, but you and your graphics card will know that the full robot skeleton is there... somewhere underneath the skin plates, that should reduce the fps but increase the immersion :ROFLMAO:
I am aware of the fact that this look comes with a excessive amount of clothing items. This is not because I'm having fun spamming your vam clothing section with 4 pages of stuff, but because I need this to create the look.You can't import internal clothing items so I sculpt everything slightly outside the body and shrink it inside after importing it to vam. But I can only adjust the offset for the whole clothing item so I got no other choice than separating every item that needs a different offset into a new clothing item.

What is new in Version 2?
Everything. The internals got a complete makeover, and the outer skinplates are now based on the high quality genesis 2 mesh (instead of the base mesh that i used with motoko 1), so everything is visibly smoother now.
I tried to make everything more believable so I took my time and added some hydraulics here and there, some other shit to make everything more dense, and when I added a esophagus that connects the inner mouth with the core I thought OK, maybe it is time to stop now because this is getting ridiculous.
I progressed in my geoshell-game (and found new ways to import this stuff), so the lips are now working and simply part of the geoshell so you dont have the lips and gens "situation" that the old version had and it should be a bit easier or more intuitive for you to modify the skin texture. For the genital area there is a geoshell overlay because since the skinplates require a offset of -45 to match skin level, i can't include the genitals directly with the skinplates because that area is too delicate for that.
But i guess a simple cover is better than the old situation, so ...
Big thanks to @Jackaroo for your support with the vam gens, that helped me a lot!

And yes, this version has no nipples and no belly button. She is a robot ... she doesn't need this puny human nonsense 😛. Since this is currently only the beta version, I wanted to use this skin. In the final look there will be different presets available with different texture options so don't freak out yet if the lost nipples are a dealbreaker for you. Everything will be fine later, you have to trust the process! 😄


With motoko 2 there comes one new feature in form of wearable mantisblades. @Ark1F1 was kind enough to provide me the base model of the blades so i could try converting it to a clothing item instead of a cua. The skin color is changable and it uses the regular gen2 limbs texture. You can deactivate the blades by simply undressing the clothing item. There is a clothing item called mantis blade cover to attach some small skinplates to cover the hole when the blades are not equipped.
This clothing item is designed for motoko, but there will be a "stand alone version" of the blades that you can download from ark's resources.


The new motoko has 3 layers: a robotic skeleton, one layer of white plastic plates and a layer of more dense skinplates that use the genesis 2 textures so you can also use your own textures.


Everything is way more dense and one of the biggest upgrades for me is the new skull.
The upper half of the skull is attached only to the upper teeth, the jaw is attached to the lower teeth.
That was the only way to make a clean skull import inside the head with a fully working jaw, but it has it's limits.
If you have custom morphs going on that heavily impact the teeth (like extreme head shape pear or any direct morphs to the teeth, the skull might deform in a unpleasant way.
But you can fix this with the guide from @SupaRioAmateur since the import method is the same, you just have to reset the teeth instead of the inner mouth section.

1644254393 Kopie.jpg

Compared to motoko 1 there is one new layer in form of white plastic plates. These new plates can be worn underneath the outer skin plates, but for the face and genitals you should undress the white plates if you use the look with the outer skinplates (you couldn't see the white plates for the face and gens anyway so it doesn't make sense to wear it underneath).
The white plates for the Face and Genital are only meant if you want to use motoko without the outer skinplates.
Since these plates are white by default with black decals, you can easily change the colors in vam


unlike motoko 1, version 2 uses the original eyeballs (so you can easily change the eye colors), but i made a wearable overlay for cybernetic eyes to enhance the robotic look. they are not glowing by themselves, but the spec settings are so high that they get really bright as soon as there is light anywere. you can of course change the light colors or undress it if you don't like it.

I think i don't have to tell you that his stuff is highly experimental and if you go nuts with custom morphs like giant breasts or whatever, i am almost sure there will be some inner parts poking out. If so, you could try to fix it yourself by reducing the offset of the problematic part a bit further or just leave it off

To Use this look in other scenes, you just have to make a Look preset and load the motoko2 script to hide the base model (or just make a script preset, which is even easier)
The Look comes as a scene. To save and transfer it to any model in any other scene you need to make a preset for the look and a preset the script so you can just load these two presets.

First go to the Control & Physics Tab of the model, then Save Look and name it motoko for example

Then go to Plugins presets and create a Plugin preset and call it also motoko

The script is needed to hide all bodyparts of the regular vam figure except the eyes and eyelids.

That is it!

After you created the presets, you can go to any other scene, mark the female and load these two presets that you just created by going to the Control & Physics 1 and the Plugins Presets tab and select your saved presets by pressing the "select existing" button in the upper left corner.

If you encounter any problems with this look in action, please let me know.
I will update this look once more as soon as the Futa version is finished.

have fun!
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5.00 star(s) 75 ratings

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This is amazing!
But can you record a video tutorial for me?
Because no matter how I hide, there is still no movement
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I have known about this work for some time, and now it is still one of the best.
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