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Mating Press animation with the help of the AutoThruster plugin. Feedback appreciated.

Also, wanted to say sorry for not being as active as I am used to being. Been studying for a bit and kind of lost interest in making and uploading the scenes, although I still did have some fresh ideas I wanted to work with. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), the courses I currently have don't really motivate me, so I might lay off studying for a while and start working on here a bit more. Doing these scenes kind of feels therapeutic, and relaxing. But knowing myself, I don't want to get too immersed in making scenes again, or else I might burn out again lol. Don't worry though, I'll be a bit more consistent with uploads and updates from now on. If you have any suggestions for scenes as well, let me know and I'll try my best.


For this scene, there is no need to activate soft body physics, but do keep high quality physics on. You can also manually disable soft body physics for the breasts (which is not needed because the mouth is not used) and the glutes (because the anus is not used, at least not intentionally by me).

Feel free to customize however you like. I recommend using another environment than the boring one I put in this scene lol.

hazmhox's VamMoan
AshAuryn's expressions morphs
Vinput's AutoGenThruster plugin

Check the rest in the dependencies list.

Use the buttons to direct the animation.

Female model should be swappable with most other models, but the recommended scale of the model is 1.000. If you want to swap the male model, the scale is 1.100. I like them big lol.

The models, as well as the buttons, can be moved with the MasterRoot node, if you can find it.
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Was wondering if anyone did a Mating Press scene, and here it is, pretty good too.Looking forward to your next scenes
Thanks! I'll make sure to pump out more!
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