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*Update* Removed dependency on Jackaroo's Eyes! Lips! Nails! and Female Body Tessellation by removing the Lip Gloss from the model in the VAR - in turn making this now Hub Hosted. While not mandatory now, i still highly recommend you get and use the Tessellation and the Lip Gloss items for the best possible result.
Eyes Lips Nails can be found here which will take you to the free download from Jackaroo https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/eyes-lips-nails.4933/
Female Tessellation can be found on the hub here https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/female-body-smoother-tessellation.892/

This lovely lady became a bit of a pet project , and i hope the end result is something folks can enjoy. It took longer than my usual time frame because i attempted to duplicate her tattoos for which i am not well versed. Take note that the tattoos were made as decals so that folks could choose to use them or not - while they are not super high rez perfection they serve their purpose , and i for one thought she did not look right without them.

Another departure from what i am used to was using Supa's Nipples as Clothing - for this particular model the standard ones on the skin just did not seem to work as well.
This look does have a handful more dependencies than i usually have , but they were worth the addition to complete the look - and they are all hub hosted so no digging around for them.
The VAR file includes , aside from the look in a scene - two appearance presets (one with tattoos on, one off), a preset for decal maker (face decals only), and a hairstyle preset. The default load includes the tattoos on the model.

Screenshots you see below do use some Macgruber Post Magic Anti-Aliasing and LUT's along with Supershot. No Reshade used.

*1 Thing of Note*

- you will see a diamond nose stud in the screenshots - *this is not included* but it is available from RenVR's Jinx Model.

Skin - Erica by Ren
Hair - Blend of Nostage3 Long Wavy 7 and Roac Modular
Pubes - Scamp
Lip Gloss - Jackaroo's Lips! Eyes! Nails!
Decal Maker - Chokaphi
Face Decals - Kemenate
Makeup Decal - Alter3go
Nipples as Clothing - SupaRioAmateur
Photo Studio Environment - VamXFan
Eyelashes - Wolmarc
Enhanced Eyes - Hunting Succubus
Morphs used to make this look (and there are many) :
Kemenate Morphs
Dilldoe Morphs
Reloaded Morphs
Tiseb Foot Morphs
Tenstrip Morphs
Particle Pinnacle Mons Morphs
Particle Pinnacle Navel Morphs
Legit4978 Butthole Morphs
SupaRioAmateur Breast Morphs
Jackaroo Modular Expressions
SupaRioAmateur Neckfix Morphs

As per usual, please alert me if you find something is wrong, or missing , or should not be in this package.
Other than that, please enjoy and its on to the next one (the list just keep growing).

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This is LEGIT! Keep it up!
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Really amazing job capturing her likeness and figure - looks amazing
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great job on this tattoos and all
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Love the IRL model, love this look! She's gorgeous.
All we need now is a pose morph preset that captures her cute smile... ;)
Jackaroo's modular expressions works well. Just use a bit of left/right smile and dimple.
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