Living Room

Scenes Living Room 3.0

Well this one was onhold for some time...
Considering i rushed V1 in one afternoon (V2 in another), fix/update was inevitable. :rolleyes:
This is more of a "remaster" then actual update (considering all changes +cut content).

changed licence to FC (from CC BY-NC)
removed hex verificaiton
removed previous versions from .var (still available for download inside history tab)
removed entire hallway + animation patterns for doors
changed all lights to ForcePixel + enabled shadows (2 low/7 med)
reorganized all switches (better location)
rechecked all atoms (settings/naming)
fixed carpet and wood panel texture (tile scale)
reduced doors height + fixed position of handles (fitted for normal people, instead of giants)
tweaked tv + added hidden toggle button ("blue ring")
removed some builtin furnitures + added some custom shelfs
removed old music controls
added "hifi reciever" for all music controls (play,next,pause,stop,volume,spatialize) + new spot light
moved neon "sign" controls near it (more fitting location)
created new animation patterns for sign/neon (removed old broken AP)
added alt color variations AP for sign/neon
added few custom images (original images are public domain/CC0)
added ceiling lamps
added some props
added custom PC desk

...and more stuff that i forgot/ don't feel like writing novel (check v3.0 images for more info or old wip_video).

Technical Changes:
V1 - Alt - V2 - V3 - Alt
169 - 84,2 - 326 - 556 - 417 KB
6037 - 3015 - 11131 - 18601 - 13813 lines

For me pc area is "double edge sword".
Don't wanna remove it, but at the same time i don't have inspiration for it (thats why pc desk looks terrible).
i left some triggers around HIFI area..once i started layering stuff, it was starting to frustrate me (pain to navigate).
Also i left some volume triggers on main AudioSource for RGB settings....
Oh and i didn't include custom music (as planned), everyone can add own music in.
...this way it's easier for me to use FC licence (music i planned to use was under CC-BY 3.0)
If v1 didn't cause laggs and fps drops, this one might. :LOL:

Didn't keep track, fixed what needed fixing and added some stuff...the end

But on "tehnical" changelog...
LivingRoom.json size increased from 169KB > 326KB
and total lines inside 6037 > 11131
Hope people have enough storage left to download it.

This one is done in my book, moving onto next project. <--- nope, v3.0 is needed
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