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Liliana of the Veil

Clothing Liliana of the Veil 2023-03-15

Clothing created by request and inspired by the artwork of Steve Argyle and the Character Liliana of the Veil from Magic the Gathering.

Contains a Front Laced Corset with an open simmed Dress, Belt and Neck Dress.

The arm wrap sleeves were a little awkward, depending on what motion you are going for you may need to mess with the sim setting.
The render queue should have saved so the lace trim is transparent without effecting what is beneath it. If you have issues place it lower in the queue
I have not made the head dress. I know it's specific to the character, but the hair would clip through it as a clothing item.

I've included a clothing preset, with all the dependencies, as well as a scene with the outfit modeled by the beautiful Heather by @Azimuth, I just gave her a longer brunette hairdo and those amethyst eyes.

Liliana of the Veil.png
LoV Icon 2.jpg

https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/heather.31056/ by Azimuth

The gloves are from the BDSM Clothing and Accesories set by Noone102000, converted by TGC.

The Boots and Garter Belt are from JaxZoa's Dom Clothing Set.

The hair is Watto Long 038 by Watto

The eye reflections are Enhanced Eyes by Hunting-Succubus

I also added a particle effect for the scene and photos from Xstatic's MegaParticlePack

The Arty Alt hairstyle by Roac is also included as a dependency as it was the original style for the heather look I used to model the clothes.

Thank you to all of the above creators for their outstanding work.

This outfit was requested by PieceofHit on my requests page. Thanks for the inspiration Piece.

If you have any interesting Idea's feel free to post them there too.
I took a short break, but I'm slowly ticking them off. All for free.

The Artwork shown and the Character Liliana of the Veil is the property of Steve Argyle and Magic the Gathering/Wizards of the Coast. This if free fan-art produced under fair use and should not be used for commercial purposes.
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Fantastic work. Very true to the original!
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