1. VirtaArtieMitchel

    Clothing Strapless Dress With Lace Trim 2023-05-28 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Back with a new release. Been busy doing a bunch of non vam projects but am back. Will have some more free and patreon releases in the coming weeks. Hope you all like this one. I'm super happy with how it turned out. A strapless Dress with lace trimmed skirt. Comes with 6 presets.
  2. A

    Clothing Flora Indian Lehanga Chunri blouse set -low waist 1.0

    Custom request by BAzooka26 to create low waist indian lehanga blouse and dupatta set. Hope he likes it.
  3. PornPlayer

    Clothing PornPlayer's Little Black Dress 1.0 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    The world of fashion has given birth to countless intricate and stunning designs, but when it comes to simply showing off those curves you can't go wrong with the classics. You know what I'm talking about, spaghetti straps, high hemline, low neckline. Leaves about as little to the imagination as...
  4. 1684015541.jpg


  5. A

    Clothing Hijab Collection-many variety 1.0 Hub-Hosted VAR FC

    Hijab Collection- custom request by Dkahbe7
  6. YUM_VAM

    Clothing Mermaid Dress 1.0 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC

    Hello I made the Mermaid Dress. Enjoy!! If you have some request clothing, contact me via VAMHub message or patreon. patreon : YUM_VAM | Virt-A-Mate contents | Patreon
  7. CGCharmer

    Clothing Jewel Outfit V1 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC-SA

    New Releases every Wednesday and Saturday Mornings (and sometimes extras in-between). patreon.com/cgcharmer Pop outfit for Jewel. This Outfit includes: Jewel Hair+ Jewel Earrings+ Jewel Dress+ Jewel Pumps+ Jewel Waistband+ Jewel Pumps+ Jewel Heels+ Jewel Look and Microphone sold...
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  10. Doll Stories

    Paid Clothing dress003 SIM 0.9

    I managed to finish this new sexy SIM dress... many presets in the folder...
  11. VirtaArtieMitchel

    Clothing Cocktail Dress 2023-05-02 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    A very short and skimpy cocktail dress. Fully simmed and tintable. Comes with 4 presets.
  12. DateKnight

    Paid Clothing Pleated mini dress 1

    Pleated mini dress, pulled to side version too (also works with undress). Presets for pvc, cotton, satin etc. Checkout my patreon for the other clothing shown. Spec, Normal and Sim maps. To change the color just use the usual color picker, to keep the satin look make sure the spec color...
  13. ViR

    Paid Clothing CANDY SET. 2023-05-01

  14. A

    Clothing Dress-VAM Fashion-new design 1.0 Hub-Hosted VAR FC

  15. Doll Stories

    Paid Clothing dress002 SIM 0.9

    new SIM dress for the DollsFashion collection...
  16. AnythingFashionVR

    Paid Clothing White Dress 2023-04-24

    Undressed state version is available here White Dress Clothing State. Commission | Patreon
  17. DateKnight

    Paid Clothing Open fronted dress 1

    Open fronted dress. Presets for pvc, cotton, leather etc. Spec, Normal and Sim maps. To change the color just use the usual color picker, to keep the satin look make sure the spec color matches the diffuse. I created the clothing models myself and the normal maps. All photos are taken in VR, no...
  18. A

    Clothing Sexy splitter dress for female 1.0 Hub-Hosted VAR FC

  19. PornPlayer

    Clothing PornPlayer's Short and Sweet Dress 1.0 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Introducing my very first clothing addon! When you just want a dress that's tight, short, and shows off those prized assets, look no further than this simple but sexy minidress! It comes with a couple presets to add just a little variety. Full disclosure, this is literally the very first...
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