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Keyboard Shortcuts Plugin

Configure keyboard or gamepad to control the camera, atoms, other plugins, preferences, and more

Add the plugin to your scene
  • Click Add Plugin on either an atom or the Session Plugins tag from within VaM.
  • Click Select File... and choose LFE.KeyboardShortcuts.(version) on the left.
  • Choose the KeyboardShortcuts.cslist file
Configure your keyboard shortcuts

Click Open Custom UI on the KeyboardShortcuts plugin.

The dropdowns at the top will let you filter the keyboard shortcuts by category and subcategory.

Command List

See this for full command list
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Latest updates

  1. new: shortcuts to show VaM 1.20 tab names

    Support for these tab names now Plugin Presets Control & Physics 2 Control & Physics 1
  2. Fixed for VaM 1.20 - backwards compatible with 1.19

    Fixed for VaM 1.20 - backwards compatible with 1.19
  3. Shortcut to emulate mouse wheel scroll in/out

    Shortcut to emulate mouse wheel scroll in/out

Latest reviews

if I activate the plugin as a session plugin in desktop mode, moving the mouse will trigger some prefined binding ... it is always switching to a particluar atom .. eg. a light or something else (depends on the scene). In fact I cannot move back to the session plugin section to check ... I need to restart VAM to get rid of the session plugin. With this behavior it is a roadblocker ... please advice .. thanks!
While I do not know exactly what your settings looks like, I have also set a binding to a mouse movement (there should not be one in the default settings). If you want to fix things by hand, you can open up the Saves/lfe_keyboardshortcuts.json file in a text editor and remove the one that looks like a mess. You can also just delete that entire file if you want to have the settings be set back to the defaults.
Should be part of VaM, thanks!
very useful
Pleeeeease fix it for the 1.20!!!............ FIXED! I love you man! \o/
THANKS BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100+
Great plugin, especially now that you can move each body part with global shortcuts.
Very handful plugins, makes life easier in VAM.
It's not Vim but it's good!
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