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Scenes Idle Moves Timeline 2020-09-24

An animation port by JoyBoy.

I decided to share Vamtimbo's FREE Idle Mocap that I transferred to Timeline for my convenience.
I got tired of having to always load Vamtimbo's Idle Mocap scene when I downloaded a new look,
so I ported it to Timeline.
Made an animation save file so you can import it into other scenes using Timeline.

Small Preview

The scene is the default scene just with Timeline added and a change to the female hair.
You can save the Timeline animation and load it into any scene.
It comes with 5 separate animations that will randomly play the next one at the end.

Credit: Vamtimbo's original scene page: Link

Required VARS:
Timeline.178 by Acid Bubbles

Instructing on how to import animation using Timeline
You import animations from the More tab in the Timeline plugin.
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thanks !!!
Hey this is awesome. Is there a guide anywhere that describes how to port mocaps to timeline?
A "MUST HAVE". Great port, man! Now... we only need some good sexy walking animations...
This is a great port.
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