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One piece outfit with two material groups. Short skirted dress on top of a leotard with pantyhose. Separate material groups for the top; the dress and bottom, the leotard and pantyhose.

Really wanted an elegant design with this one. Something with that ice skating theme but could be worn as an elegant night out dress. Or a princess/fantasy dress. All but the underlying leotard have opacity so it is far more exposing than it appears at first glance.

Probably did three to five different variations of this dress before nailing the aesthetic with this one. Whole lot of early stage changing of the mind. But, once I started work on this one, I really felt like I had what I wanted out of it. Really a piece that I am proud of.
Ice Skater 3A 1.png
Ice Skater 3A 2.png
Ice Skater 3A 3.png
Ice Skater 3A 4.png
Ice Skater 3A 5.png
Ice Skater 3A 6.png
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