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I Suggest Eyeball Shadow/Enhanced Eye User should use HS Eye ToolBox plugin insted. It also include this two shadow types and more.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (morph).gif

ezgif.com-gif-maker (slide.gif

This Plugin allow you add following enhancement to eyes with some adjustable setting.

New Eyelash based shadow which does not clip if move slider is used and two old eye shadow mod.

Iris Primary Highlight & Secondry Highlight

Sclera Reflection

Tear Highlight


Place both VAR Package in AddonPackages and Load HSEyeToolBox.cs to female atom.

Default Settings should be good for most user.

Use One Shadow Mod only.

Change Eyelash Shadow Move Sliders if Clips in rare case.

Next Update - Integrate Emmisive Eye is this toolbox & make it season plugin if no bugs are found in few days.

Credits - My 108 Patreon Supporter. Thanks if you support me.
Join me on Discord.. https://discord.gg/q8nmwp5

License - CC BY-CN
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed missing morphs

    Fixed missing morphs and plugin should work properly.
  2. Public Release

    Released to public. Eyeball Shadow/Enhanced Eye should use this plugin insted.

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A MUST-HAVE. Period.
That’s awesome
Amazing surgeon work!

thx for that!
Amazing plugin, makes eyes much more realistic and is very configurable. Any chance of support for the male model?
Your plugin already brought eyes to the next level of realism and this just makes it even better, thanks so much!
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