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Plugins HeadLightLink

Update (var6)
At the suggestion of @RedCooler, I added the ability to switch Parent Atom to [CameraRig] in Plugin's Custom UI. When using Embody, Atom including HeadLightLink may vibrate slightly, which may be improved by setting Parent Atom to [CameraRig].
I used @Stopper's LinkTriggers as a reference for how to switch the Parent Atom.
Update details (ver.5):
Added Tracker1 to Tracker8 to the "Choose Target" selection as suggested by @Origin69. This can actually be selected by people who don't have Tracker.
Use Tracker selection in VR mode. If you don't have Tracker, you can choose any number. If you have a tracker, I think an unused number is good, but I don't have a tracker, so I can't confirm if it works properly with a tracker. Please let me know if you have any problems.
The difference in behavior between when CenterEye is selected and when Tracker is selected is

CenterEye : Atom always moves in front of the player's line of sight when the player's head is moved.
Tracker: Atom does not move when the player moves his or her head, and is always in a fixed position relative to the player's virtual body. I think that the behavior is similar to when using this plugin in desktop mode.

In any case, if the player moves or rotates with the controller, Atom will follow.
1) If the rotation Y value is 0, the orientation of some atoms, such as the WebPanel, is on the back, so a "Reverse" toggle has been added to facilitate correction.
2) When the Atom is large, it was found that the entire Atom cannot be seen when the maximum value of position Z is 2, so the maximum value of position Z was changed to 10.


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