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Handcuffs WIP

Assets Handcuffs WIP

From: AlienAxeMan

I rewrote the script so that the handcuffs also work inside a SubSene now .. really!

It's still WIP so if anything doesn't work like it should, feel free to comment
there is a problem in the subscene apparently my script just find the subcene as a ridgetbody
but doesn't the objects contained in it..

The workaround is just to dissolve the subcne and load the scene with you via merge
You need two unity assets for both sides...
You put the script in one and select the other asset in the script
Unbenannt2.JPG Unbenannt.JPG
now it just contains out of two assets ...
please note the script only works on the right side ... the other slider has no function
Now they are open and closeable
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