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Gwin Cerbin
Two rooms, two floors

Experiment with plugin NoStage3.UnityAssetVamifier.20
Rooms specially adapted and customized for the UnityAssetVamifier plugin. This gives ample opportunities for customizing the environment, simple lighting setup with deep shadows.
As a result, your character will harmoniously fit into such an environment.

I am inspired by the result and in the near future I intend to remake my rooms for this plugin. I will no longer be using lightmaps in my environments. Unfortunately, such rooms are unusable without the UnityAssetVamifier plugin, but in my opinion the result is worth it.

VaM 2022-07-16 10-08-17.png

VaM 2022-07-16 10-09-57.png

VaM 2022-07-17 05-53-06.png

VaM 2022-07-17 05-55-30.png


Change the location and size of the furniture as you like. Blazedust.Script_ColorScale plugin will help you with asymmetrical resizing.
Images in the paintings can be changed, proportion templates are added to the var archive.
For characters and clothing, add warm highlights and hues to simulate lighting from fire, candles.



Asset Prefabs
FF - First floor.
SF - Second floor.
➀, ➁ – Objects, parts of the constructor for the first and second floors.
➊, ➋ - Assembled structures for the first and second floors.
Ⓜ - Metals, these assets do not require the UnityAssetVamifier plugin.

 - Custom Unity Asset
☼ - Light source
Ⓥ - These atoms use the UnityAssetVamifier plugin.
∑ - These atoms use a script, a plugin.

Special thanks to:
VamTastic -

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  1. Now it's FC.

    Fixed a bug in licenses, replaced PC with FC (Thanks ReignMocap)

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these rooms by you look all amazing and realistic
Beautiful environment; his paid content is every bit as good if not better, with interactive room features and ambient sounds. Highly recommended.
Fantastic Environment, thank you very much for sharing! :)
really nice lighting Norm , my version isn't as nice as this
must say those candles had taken an ages to do :)
Thank you VamTastic! ❤
The attention to detail is awesome!
Ace work ! Every fantasy/medival environment/prop or clothing item is most wellcome ! Plus modular set, so its easy to create your own scenery and save as a subscene. :)
omg Norm! This is marvelous dude!
very nice
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