Clothing G-Pumps 2.0

These have become standard on most of my looks.
great work!
best Heels on Hub!
These are very cool!!
I finally dug into this plus HeelAdjust and....it's amazing. Thank you!
This is awesome. Thank you
Awesome.It would be nice if where is Stilettos style
AWESOME job. I'm always impressed when people pull of really high quality high heels like this. Thank you so much especially for the variety/style choices. I would LOVE to see some other options too like stiletto pump styles/pointy toe non-platform heels as well. Something else I would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to see but haven't seen pulled off/achieved yet is creating that plastic see-through/transparent platform stripper heel look which I love the look of as well. Thank you MrGiggly
Awesome work MrGiggly .
These are super awesome! Absolutely love them and they work so well with the HeelAdjust plugin.
Awesome work!! These heels are sooo sexy and functional just what every girl needs! beautiful detail thank you so much for sharing <3
Amazing, work perfectly with heel adjust and look very natural!
My only desire is more included clothing presets, like the options in your preview images for example. It's a bit tough setting the color on all the parts but the flexibility is awesome.
Love these so much!
Wow Awesome, thanks for that
Excellent work!
Although I don't know why I don't see anything in the "clothing item for new save" button. I have done all the steps up to and including step 3.
Hi there. Have you added the heels as a clothing item to your character first? If so, if you click on the button that says 'None' you should see a list of all clothing items that are currently on your model.
I'm still figuring out how everything works with the heel adjust plugin but i'm really delighted by how many options there are for footwear. This is incredible, thank you so much!
WOW! So happy to see these. Can never have enough heels.
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