Futa night elf scene

Scenes Futa night elf scene 2022-06-27

3x scene

Scene 1 is Short mocap. Just hit play and enjoy

Scene 2 has 4 poses and is more interactive:

she can masturbate and do hip thrusts.

You can go for a kiss, give her a hj, give her a bj, get face fucked. (for the kiss and bj, you will need to turn on your Head collider in user preferences -> VR1)

Use the "arousal difficulty" slider to make it easier or harder for her to cum.

Staff prop used in scene 3:

The female model is modified version of this: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/titay.19507/
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Latest updates

  1. update 3

    added 3 more sex scenes:
  2. update 2

    added 1 scene:
  3. update 1

    Added 3 more poses to the second scene. all animations should work in all poses.

Latest reviews

OMG <3
So much quality. As always. Beautiful.
This is so incredibly detailed!!! You put a lot of work into your scenes and it shows. :) Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work with the community!
In short it's a Night Elf with a big staff. Hmm, i bet her staff are full of.... mana XD
Weebu best VAM animator!
I used to dislike Futa, but I'm slowly getting converted. Your scenes and looks are extremely well done. This scene is even better: Smooth animation, great look and even works well with different models. Top notch!
WeebU = THE BOSS <3
high quality futa content as always
Read the previous review. Counter rating this %!7&.
I do not like futanari and I will not tolerate a different opinion or taste. Therefore I give this free content a low rating.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I'm not into futa either. No reason to be disrespectful. Especially when the content is free and high quality. Just from looking at the [Skin textures] tab in VaM one can tell that this content isn't made quickly. There are proper Specular-, Normal and Gloss-Textures! Not like a lot of the other looks where creators only slaps on modified (sometimes even stolen) diffuse-texture and nothing else. This is what quality looks like!

Users come here, read "futa", spend seconds to downrate the work on sometimes even hundred's of hours. That pisses me off. I know how demotivating this can be for a creator (I've been there as game dev a few years ago).
I chopped off the shlong and converted the nightelf into a 'real' girl and now I'm super happy with her - no problem at all.
Amazing as alwais! =) Thank you for free stuff!
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