Female Johnny Silverhand

Looks Female Johnny Silverhand 2021-10-28



  • Scene from the pics above
  • geoshell with working eyes, lips and genitals with textures
  • morph
  • metal arm
  • sunglasses
  • Wristband
  • rings
  • Johnny's pants
  • Johnny's vest
  • Johnny's shoes
The top from the pics above is from the cp Lara outfit

Everything is imported as a clothing item so all movements, poses and morphs should be cool with it

This Look was mainly a test for my new Geoshell that includes functional lips and gens, which were really problematic for me in the past.

I tried to morph the left arm extremely thin and put the robotic arm on top, but it did not work as intended so i used a script to hide the body and put my new geoshell on with a alpha cutout for the left arm, which then got replaced with the robotic arm as a clothing item.

You can customize the skin by changing the skin textures of the geoshell with any of your own skin textures and keep the alpha map, but without the scar tissue around the robotic arm it will probably look a bit plain


I also included a port of Johnnys vest, but it doesnt look that good on a female so i left it off initially...

If you want to use this look in other scenes, you have to load the look and the plugin for the character to hide the original body. I already made a pictured instruction for these 2 steps in my previous model, please have a look https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/motoko-cyborg-android-with-a-full-robot-skeleton.11187/

have fun, but if she offers you a chip - don't take it!
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Well its time for some cyberpsychosis :D
Very cool thanks for sharing
I like it very much,but why i have no vest
Beautiful + creative. Great work!
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  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 2021-10-28
is it possible to make a normal human version?
Unique and 5/5 complement to the actual Cyberpunk 2077 game

Could use some upgrades to the breast/nipple skin textures...pm me if want an example upload/source for comparison.

Would also be cool had the eyes been really silver/bright like A1X's Ellen look.
Jenny Silverhand xD
I was going with Jane or Jenny but it did not sound right to me, so I went with the highly creative title female johnny 😄
I love your work. I've been with VAM a really long time supporting artists where I can and I so appreciate those of you who push the rules of VAM to create truly unique items. The way you create outside the normal appearance of a G2 model enhances the total VAM experience for everyone. Bravo!
Thank you! There are already so many excellent "regular" models and ports on the hub, so I think I found my little niche where I can add some stuff that is a little more off the usual road
I would love her chip in me!!!
Futa version requested, got it 😂
Excellent addition to scifi/robot/cyberpunk collection. 💗
Coming from you means a lot to me, ty 😊
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