Farger's Particle Pack Vol 2

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This update adds a set of 10 new sparking effects related to electricity:
- Wire sparks
- Gap sparks
- Balls of sparks (with and without light)
- Electric flow
- Added two new demo scenes
-- Demo Scene 3 illustrates the pixie dust floating and cyberpunk butterfly effects
-- Demo Scene 4 illustrates the new electrical effects

electric flow v1.jpggap sparks v3.jpgball of sparks v3 with light.jpgelectric flow v2.jpg
This is an emergency patch release update to add two new elf themed particle effects:
- pixie dust floaters purple
- cyberpunk butterflies purple
- Both assets are adjustable in size, all Farger effects are fully metachat compatible
- Get your copy today before time runs out!

elf particles.jpgelf particles 2.jpg
This update includes:
- Sidewinder enhancements
-- Flight path now has slight variations during each animation loop
-- Added a second flame material variant (sidewinder v2 looping)
- A tinkerbell variant with reduced levels of movement (tinkerbell 60 second loop with damper)
-- This version limits velocity overall, with the greatest reduction along the vertical axis
-- Placing the CUA at 2 to 3 meters above the ground should greatly reduce the chance of tinkerbell going into the ground level with this version
- A new freeze blast effect, both single play and continuous looping

sidewinder looping.jpgsidewinder v2 looping.jpgtinkerbell in space.jpgfreeze blast single play.jpg
Cooked a baker's dozen of new particle effects that I hope you enjoy:

- Pyrotechnic effects of purple, orange, and gold
- Two new glitter bombs and two new shimmer circle variants
- Particle effects that emit light: sidewinder, ball of sparks v2 with light and Tinkerbell*
- Irregular galaxy that is scalable in size (to the greatest extent possible, I will strive for new effects to be adjustable in size)

galaxy.jpgParticle Pack 2 Updates Demo 4.jpgParticle Pack 2 Updates Demo 1.jpgParticle Pack 2 Updates Demo 3.jpgglitter bomb looping v3.jpgpyrotechnic flame purple looping.jpg

* A new demo scene is added to demonstrate these new effects. Please note that you can control the start location and size of Tinkerbell; but after that, she does whatever she wants. It was quite a challenge trying to take pictures. Show some love, please hit the "like" button.
Expanding upon the sparkling theme, this update adds effects that are great for stage and stadium scenes. The latest additions include:

- Five new firework effects
- Ground flares
- Pyrotechnic flames
- Glitter bombs
- Shimmer Circles
- Four new shimmer line colors

fireworks_050.jpgfireworks_060.jpgpyrotechnic_flame_single_play_v5.jpgflare white loop.jpgshimmer circles purple.jpgglitter bomb looping v2.jpgshimmer lines green.jpg
Added 11 new effects to include spark balls, fireworks, particle accelerator tubes, fallout and a star tunnel effect.

Updated the demo scene to demonstrate some of the newest effects.

The star tunnel effect is best set up by placing the CUA large distance in front of the field of view. I tested it with a Z position ranging from -300 to -400.

ball of sparks v2.jpgfinger sparks blue repeating version 2.jpgfireworks_007.jpgfireworks_008.jpgfireworks_009.jpgparticle accelerator tube v2.jpgspark demo scene.jpgarc of the imagination.jpg
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