1. rernat

    Clothing Eyeglitter 2022-06-21

    Just my version of eyeglitter make up with heart shapes. Original idea by MonsterShinkai
  2. VRDollz

    Clothing Body Glitter Cloth 1

    ✨ 1 CLOTHING ITEM & 15 PRESETS ✨ Default Lite Full Face & Body Silver Glitter Heavy Full Face & Body Silver Glitter Heavy & Lite Body Silver Glitter Heavy & Lite Face Silver Glitter 6 Colours Lite Face & Body Glitter Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Gold Heavy & Lite Face & Chest Silver Glitter...
  3. MonsterShinkai

    Clothing Eye Glitter 2

    There are 10 presets. Effectiveness depends on light angle. Adjust specular, gloss and color as you desire. Update Version 2: Thanks to @VRDollz for the bump map idea then literally giving me the bump map to use. I also fine tuned it with smaller speckles, gave it the prism color effect and...
  4. VRDollz

    Clothing Glitter Bikini with Cloth physics simulation 3

    💋 2 CUSTOM CLOTHING ITEMS 💋 Glitter Bikini top with 4 custom Presets - 3 with sim enabled Glitter Bikini Bottom G-string with 4 custom Presets - 3 with sim enabled ♥ 6 CUSTOM CLOTHING PRESETS ❤ Black , 2 Black with sim enabled White , 2 White with sim enabled Merge Load Preset onto your girl...
  5. Jackaroo

    Clothing Eyes! Lips! Nails! (Futa) 1

    3 glitter makeup clothing items, now fit for futa and male characters.
  6. Jackaroo

    Clothing Eyes! Lips! Nails! 3

    This package comes with: 3glitter makeup clothing items-- eyes, lips, nails, 4 regular clothing items--Clear skirt, gogo boots, plastic top, and plastic bottoms Custom skin, morph, and hair. There is also a "nails cloth" morph for best result with the nails. Have not tested makeups with...
  7. n2it

    Textures Makeup Candy 2021-01-04

    Free to distribute, modify, even commercially. No credit needed. #VAMLife New users: Go to Skin Textures>Decals>Face locate files then click open.
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