Drala Vs Emira

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A fantasy-styled double look pack made for your pleasure! This started off as just the elf girl but then I made the dragon girl and I couldn't decide which I liked more. So I decided to mix things up and make 2 different looks to release together! I hope you enjoy them; very fun to make with using lots of great assets from the community!

If you like my style of looks, I am offering custom looks tailored to your preferences as a thank you for my higher tip reward on my Patreon! Check it out~

Feel free to join my discord if you want! I host community polls to vote on a future release! I will be sharing WiP stuff on looks and scenes, "inspirational content", and also can offer VaM help and tips wherever I can! https://discord.gg/7d3W85S2B3


Damarmau - Emma (base head morph)
MacGruber - Essentials
Hunting-Succubus - Enhanced_Eyes
vs1 - vs1_R003_Forest_1
NoStage3 - UnityAssetVamifier
Jiraiya - ShintoShrine
JaxZoa - DomClothingSet
ddaamm - hair_long7 base + bangs
Sharr - Drake | Pink_lingerie | Gold_Trim_Clothes
TGC - Clothing_Ravenous_GothicClub_StrapBoots
OrangeGumi - V-RingsCollections1
Roac - Iris_light
hazmhox - weapons101
RenVR - Base Textures
n00rp - Lighting_Rigs
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Awesome, can always use more elves ;)
scrolling down the post seeing the elf girl, I am thinking how does he make something so beautiful, get to the dragon girl I scream wtf pogdaddy has to have magic or something.
What an awesome review to read! Haha I love it!
Amazing work!
Thanks Ark!
What can I say -- they're a perfect pair. =).
Thanks for these hot elf Ladys
Thank you for liking them!
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