Cutri Pinta

Looks Cutri Pinta 2

Exotic model that you may have seen in the Playboy, on Metart, Watch4Beauty or StasyQ.

Cutri was shaped after real world measurements. Due to her height of 5 ft 3 in / 159 cm she may not be compatible with some scenes. If you need her taller modify these morphs first:
  • Upper Body Length
  • Lower Body Length
  • 'Cutri Pinta' scene
  • Appearance preset, fake/natural breast morph presets, nude (eyes-'clothing' only) and heat clothing preset
  • Diffuse face-, torso-, limbs-, genital-, tattoo-textures
  • Specular face-texture (same as Tasha)
Cutri P HeatWave.jpg
Optional you can load Normal Maps from RenVR.Tasha. They do not match 100% (eyes), but the differences are small and her skin is based on her. I did not want to add another dependency and keep the VAR compact.

While I do have a 8K-version this one is 4K. The source material was not in a high enough resolution to justify a VRAM demanding barely better 8K upload.
Her hair is also tuned to be more performance friendly. Depending on how powerful your graphics card is - turn down or up the [Curve Density] in the hairs [Physics]-tab.

Update - added fake / natural morph presets and tweaked a few minor things.
Breast GIF animation:
Cutri P.gif

Clothing is simply build in by MeshedVR:
  • Heatwave Sunglasses
  • Heatwave Hat
  • Heat Up Panty recolored
Sally Whitemane
First release
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Latest updates

  1. Version 2

    -Tattoo reworked/repositioned and it is now a decal to have the option to remove it -Added morph...

Latest reviews

if you're not happy with your work here I need to check out your other looks!
At first I did not know who this was.
Switched the first letter of the name.
Searched on Bing (yes Bing!, better image search) with SafeSearch Off.

The tattoo confirms it's her. Not that there was any doubt...
Damn! The face looks so real!

Sally Whitemane
Sally Whitemane
Meh, I still think she is just average quality. Glad you like her. I'm surprised how popular she is. One guy on Discord who convinced me to release her. Technically she is nothing special. A good look should have matching normal-maps in my opinion.

The face took a lot of time indeed. Most work was done around the eyes, like removing the eyelashes from the source, retouching skin, face/body color grading, extend lip texture, fix shadows/light, makeup, etc ... using 8K textures and downscaling them at the end helped a lot with quality tho - preserves more details.
Thanks looks incredible
Wow! What a gorgeous look! Thank you!
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