Conquered by the Beast (Lite Version)

Scenes Conquered by the Beast (Lite Version) 2021-11-20

Lite Version - - - Enjoyed it? Get the Full Release on Patreon
This Lite Version includes the entirety of the first act of what will eventually be a series of scenes.
Gameplay is entirely narrative, including dozens of animations, text-based dialogue, ambient environmental effects, and custom monstrous morphs. Additionally, this scene involves a completely novel, interactive, physics-based puzzle system, a feature which I hope to explore more in future scenes. This version includes two possible endings, see if you can unlock them both! The Full Release includes 10+ additional sex animations, and additional POVs.

Warning - - - This scene employs extensive, mandatory use of AcidBubbles's embody plugin. Works for VR and Desktop! Best to have VAM installed on an SSD or else the loading time will be rather... distended.

Content Warning - - - This scene explores a number of niche kinks, which are not for everyone; examples of included niche sexual content are as follows: Monsters, Size difference, Hyper play, Cuckolding, Dub-con, NTR, (Extremely light) horror elements.

Please let me know of any bugs in the discussion board. This scene is highly complex, and I fully expect that something will break. Make sure you have all of the dependencies! Plugins are a must!!!

One texture requires Sharr's Anthro horse men and futa, but is entirely optional. (It's the nose :p)

Some tips:
Grasp the lockpick by the very end of the handle.
Struggling leads to the Good End... I wonder what happens if you simply submit...?
The scene can be paused, and reloaded from within the cell, without requiring the scene to fully reload.

Credits and Thank You To:
AcidBubbles, Cloudcover, everlaster, Futamagus, hazmhox, JaxZoa, JustLookingForNothin, kemenate, MacGruber, NoStage3, Romolas, Sharr, Skippy, TGC, ToumeiHitsuji, and WeebU.

Previews of the Full Release:
New Project (3).png

New Project (4).png

New Project (6).png
New Project (5).png
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Latest updates

  1. Lockpick Patch

    Addresses multiple problems with the lockpick minigame. The lockpick itself should now be easier...
  2. Updated Dependencies

    Fixed an issue with unavailable Hub dependencies.

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This scene is a fantastic example of the amount of deth that can into a scene. Thank you very much!
Very immersive, what a great experience in storytelling and setting
Welcome back to hub! Need more man.. your stuff is always immersive and surprise! :)
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