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Collision Interactive Water Rigs

Assets Collision Interactive Water Rigs

A few water rigs that might be suitable for some environments. Reflections must be built in Unity, so some environments may not have a good match.

However, they can be paired with a mirror surface plane in vam just below the water surface to get environment and person reflections.

Each rig has two sizes-- Medium, and large

Credit to SilVR for the water shader

Damarmau pointed this out-- to get a nice overall flowing water effect without having to use invisible spheres and the like, attach a cycle force with a very small amount of torque, and turn "physics" on for the asset bundle.

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  1. Fun pro-tip

    Damarmau pointed this out-- to get a nice overall flowing water effect without having to use...

Latest reviews

amazing work ! but its imposible to got gurgling water when psy contact with object bro?
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Effect is pretty cool and gives me some scene ideas.

Would request the following options:

1. Way to scale down the area without losing interactions, such as the size of a bathtub, bucket, or even a glass of water. (ColorScale can change the size, but causes physical interactions to stop.)
2. Option for a circle perimeter instead of a square
3. Option to change color and opacity, possibly using a companion plugin that can be applied to the asset. (ColorScale doesn't affect the color or alpha for some reason)
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This is what happens when you take a hiatus - you miss awesome stuff like this! Looking forward to experimenting with this!
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Just found this, I will definitely use this in a pool scene I have in mind, thanks for making it!
Of course! Cant wait to see the scene! :)
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Outstanding!!! This adds so much mood to the scene, I'm in love. The night water is so enchanting and very inspiring. Thank you so much for your beautiful work and sharing <3
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Awesome!!! Can you give us a video example of Damarmaus pro trick?
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Omg yes thank you!
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Excellent job! I know this must be a lot of work to make. In the future I hope that you can make more like this, and different shapes of water (for instance - circular shaped water for wells and tubs) and also smaller rigs for puddles and stuff like that.
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Thank you for the water
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Holy fuck, dude. Thank you.
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