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Intense interactive scene where you control the action. The model really comes alive for you.

Big Update!

Brand New Room, Updated Model and 2 New Scenes!

Previous scenes updated and tweaked. Now All With Embody.

New Larger Room With 10 Stations (6 Available Now)


Turn Mirrors on or off.
Lights should work automatically, can toggle back lights or turn all off.

Updated the model.
Added new positions to UP & DOWN Stations

New Scenes:
The Cross - This was really complicated to build as its 2 full scenes in one.
Strapaddo - Sex Scene with ability to move in and out to play with her.

New Drool System

CHECK OUT THE FULL TRAILER: https://www.erome.com/i/YEENTXje
So you can see it in action and learn how it works.



Christina, your perfect little slut loves to talk dirty and wants it rough.

She will react with every touch of her body by getting more turned on and talking dirtier to you. She will ask you to do things to her and when you do she will react. The more you make her cum the more she gets into it.

Over a hundred Animations

Over 180 custom sound files!

Voice acted by the lovely and talented AudioHarlot
CC BY-NC 4.0 AudioHarlot

Script by me:
CC BY-NC 4.0 SlamT

Using the dildo, vibrator, riding crop and candle wax all get different reactions from Christina.
This is NOT a click and watch scene. Every time you play this it will be different.

To hear all the sound files and play through, sessions can easily last over 15 minutes!

3 different versions of the scene.

1. Camera rig where your hands control the action through "touching" and using toys on Christina.

2. Added a Person 2 for recording movies and shooting photos with you taking possession of Person 2 and touching her and using the toys on her. This slows things down.

3. Desktop version for you flat earth people. Click the buttons for some different body areas to have her move as she was touched. Click to spank, slap whip and activate toys.



There is a lot going on here.
There are over a 100 animations many happening at the same time and with sound playing this will tax your system. I am running an i7 with a RTX 3090 and can only run this on HIGH setting. Be warned.

Also if you grope, spank, slap her too fast the animations can get stuck or the model will jerk from one to the other. Just wait a few seconds for her to get caught up. You will get the hang of the timing once you play it and when you do its pretty smooth.

Wait 25 seconds or so for her to talk to you at the start. You can touch her but it interrupts her dialogue.

She is loaded with collision triggers so when you touch her she reacts differently. She will talk to you so don’t touch too fast or you will miss the dialogue as it will skip to the next if not clear. If you get rough with her she will say different things.

Along the top by the ceiling are buttons to restart, adjust the sweat factor although if you are doing things right it will automatically start to sweat. Clothing on/off and clean the skin.

Desktop version tries to replace the touching with buttons. I didn’t spend a lot of time on this as this is really made for VR. I grouped a bunch of the animations into sections and they will run random when you click.

Any feed back or issues please let me know. I hope to be releasing more with Little Mistress Boots in the future if this one goes well. It was a lot of work to put this together so sorry, this one is not free.

Special thanks to:
AcidBubbles For Improved POV & Timeline
AdamAnt5 for Realtime_LipSync.1
MacGruber for Essentials, LogicBricks (This is amazing!), Secret Room and Secret Toys
Mofme for his Fluids
Roac for the Ivy Hair
AmineKunai For the Bondage_Whip
AshAuryn for Pose_Tools
CosmicFTW for the Clothes_fishnet
Kemenate for the Morphs.
Romolas for the candles
Spacedog for Import_Reloaded
TGC for the vibrator
VeeRifter for AutoLabia.3

Full credits and dependencies in the txt file.

Slam Thunderhide
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 3 ratings

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Latest updates

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    Small Update with 4.2 Added Flogger and fixed a few things. Get the FLOGGER HERE
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Latest reviews

This scene is by far the most interactive and beautiful one. The animation are top notch and the girl is splendid. You have a strong winner here!

As constructive criticism :

Please add more position while keeping that "possess" style interaction. With more position, this thing will become a standard classic download!

You could:

- While she is tied "UP" on the rack. Please give another option to have her UP and facing the wall, so you could gran her from behind.

- Add more position like missionary on a wooden table while her hand are tied over her head. Keep that interaction going with the posses mode, its crazy cool.

- Could also add another cowgirl position with her hand tied behind her back.

I am pretty sure you have more imagination that I do as far as position goes ... so I will let you work LOLL

Again GREAT GREAT work Slam .... !!!
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This is excellent. Haven't seen anyone doing anything like this with motion and sound together. She moves very realistically when you touch her. Will you be making more like this?
Slam Thunderhide
Slam Thunderhide
Thanks for the review. I plan on making more with the same style or touch reactions and hopefully more sound files. More mainstream but I may do more BDSM also.
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This is by far one of the BEST scenes I've come across on here, and I'm a sucker for a good scene. The immersion and time spent into making this, you can see right when you get in, if you wanted to sub to someone but didn't think it was worth it, man let me tell you, I'd pay for this again if it had a major update, it is 110% worth it, trust me on this one, you will NOT be disappointed.
Slam Thunderhide
Slam Thunderhide
Thank you! I'm really happy with how it turned out. She really comes alive and with the sound files its pretty damn hot. I will consider an update. PM me with some ideas.
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