Aunt of Sass

Looks Aunt of Sass 1.1

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Aunt of Sass
And ass...

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Package includes:
  • Full Morph
  • Textures
Clothing can be found in this DL:

First batch of models for my newly launched Patreon. I'd very much appreciate your support if you've enjoyed my models in the past and want me to continue pumping out content during 2022.

This is early-access, so if you are unable to support, don't worry! It will eventually be made available to everyone.

If you would like to commission a model, feel free to get in touch.


When Free - See dependency tab for downloads
Thanks to Trety and kementate for their always useful morphs.

Recommended Downloads:
Hunting-Succubus clothing that enhances any look.

Additional Screenshots (older ver.):

February's early access models are also available now:
Launch Models.png

Aunt Cass
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Latest reviews

One of my favorite characters. Nice details
I've never seen Big Hero 6, but she's probably got one of the most smoking hot designs of any Disney character (of which there are a lot of hot chicks). I just downloaded it exclusively for context on her character. I'm thinking about making some screenshot sets with her, and want to get it right. Thank you!
Hell yes! thanks for sharing
very well done
thank you
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