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Action List Manager for Voxta

Plugins Action List Manager for Voxta 2.0.1

  • Huge UI overhaul for action routing. There's a whole new section attached to the UI that allows you to do your routing easily. There's a search field that allows finding actions or groups easily.
  • Some minor bugfixes
  • Removed Voxta dependency

Please let me know what you think. If you have questions or suggestions don't hesitate to ask.
If you have a hard time understanding either my plugin or Voxta just drop me a message on Discord. We can talk or even do a screen share.

A lot of you asked if I have a Patreon so I've decided that maybe it's not such a bad idea to create one. My plugin stays free.

I had questions regarding upgrading my plugin to version 2.0.1 and not loosing your work.
I always make sure to keep backwards compatibility so it's not a problem to go into scene json and upgrade the plugin version to the newest one.

If in doubt on how to do it just drop me a message on Discord


HI guys,

Just to let you know what Alita and me have been up to ... there's a huge UI overhaul heading your way. It was A LOT of work but we've survived. I just need to iron out a few rough edges and you'd be able to play with it yourself.

Just a little sneak peek ;)


This is just a small incremental update that brings a functionality that has been requested and some bugfixes. I still have one more bugfix to do for @AWWalker but I need steps to reproduce.

I have something bigger planned down the line but it takes much more time to implement.
Also groups will get more meaning and will be treated as "idle state" allowing you to assign context to them.
All of this will of course come with a new tutorial video. Alita says "hi" by the way ;)

  • Added functionality requested by @Nawen to link all actions in a group together for ease of use (it's available in the Advanced Settings)
  • Timeline missing error is no longer displayed when executing an action that has "Play Timeline Animation" turned on
  • Actions are no longer uppercased automatically (that was not intentional before)
  • Some UI changes for easier reading
I really really recommend: TheBloke_MLewd-ReMM-L2-Chat-20B-GPTQ:gptq-4bit-32g-actorder_True as a base model.
It's so much better on consistency and action inference. It understands more indirect orders and is much more creative than the one I've previously recommended. Here's an example:

Hi guys,

When working with ALM in VR I've noticed that it's cumbersome to write "When" and "Context" text fields using a keyboard (onscreen keyboard is even worse). I've prepared a small utility that I'd like to share with you. It's a Python script that you simply launch in the background. What it would do is it'd take your voice input and paste it into any text field that you have your cursor in. It also automatically substitutes "character" with "{{char}}" and "user" with "{{user}}" so you don't need to use special chars when dictating in VR. I find it really super useful.


If you have Voxta you should already have Python installed in your system. There are some third party libraries that you need to install using:

pip install SpeechRecognition keyboard pyperclip pyttsx3 pyaudio

  • Transition actions
  • Timeline integration - animation with specific name are played automatically
  • Expert settings tucked away
  • Massive performance boost cause by deferred UI redraw
  • Many small fixes and quality of life improvements
  • Tutorial for transition actions:
I'm preparing an update to support integration with Timeline:
  • Timeline animations with the name VA_acton_,name will be automatically played now
  • A new type of action can be created called transition action. Only layered actions can be executed when transition animation is playing (unlocked by trigger)
  • I'm rewiring demo scene to support ALM
Stay put, it's coming. More exciting stuff is on the way as well ...
An important information I've never vocalized before. I always make sure that my plugin is downwards compatible. So if you've created something already but you want to use the new features you can safely update the plugin version in the scene json (if you know how to do it).
Of course as always, make a backup first.

  • Fixes to context creation
  • Fixes to layered actions
  • Fixes for the case where changing function name would cause duplicates in a route
  • Added support for Layers - now multiple actions can be executed on a single action routing like "emotion", "clothes", "animation"
  • Added support for timer triggers
  • Rebuild Context handling which should result in less cumbersome context creation
  • Created a new tutorial video for layers

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