🧝‍♀️Elf Month🧝‍♀️ - Vanora for Gilgamesh Sydney

Looks 🧝‍♀️Elf Month🧝‍♀️ - Vanora for Gilgamesh Sydney 2

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Vanora for Gilgamesh Sydney


Happy Elf Month to the vam community! I present to you all Vanora for Gilgamesh's Sydney as a little bonus look to go along with the full collab I did with Gilgamesh available immediately below this look!

Sydney was one one of Gilgas first looks and she just had that je ne sais quoi that made me want to give her a makeover way back when. I mean will you just look at those boobies 🍈🍈 So when Gilgamesh recently approached me to do a full collab I thought it would be a perfect time to unleash her on the world and since its elf month I sculpted some custom ears in blender, the morph for the ears is a separate morph so you can have a human model or use the ears on another model.


There's also a new sim map for @maru01 lovely short dress to better sim the breast area - please feel free to update the dress with this map if you see this Maru!

All work done in VR Optimised for VR. You should use 1 smooth pass and the tessellation plugin as anything more than 1 smooths out details too much, its bad and should be avoided!!

Vanora 3.png


Credits and my personal appreciation go to the amazing creators listed below for the resources that make my work shine!

Boomoon Piercings by Boomoon licensed CC-BY
Sydney by GilgameshVR licensed CC-BY
Enhanced Eyes by Hunting-Succubus licensed CC-BY-NC
HD nipples by Hunting-Succubus licensed CC-BY
Booties by Jachu licensed CC-BY
Eyes! Lips! Nails! by Jackaroo licensed CC-BY-NC
Short Dress by Maru01 licensed CC-BY
High Performance Volumetric Lighting by Pluginidea licenced CC-BY-ND
Gina by RenVR licensed CC-BY-NC-ND
Colourable Piercings for upper lip with jewels by Rernat licensed CC-BY
Autumn Hair by Roac licensed CC-BY
Lingerie Set by Richabri by TGC licesnsed CC-BY-SA
Nails by VAMGS licensed CC-BY-NC-SA
Full Mouth Texture by VAMJFD licensed CC-BY
Lashes_2 by VL_13 licensed CC-BY-NC
Piercing_B by VL_13 licensed CC-BY-NC

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Latest reviews

No doubt one of the best vam models ever created. There's just a level of uniqueness, realism and polish to every model you create that no one else even aspires to let alone gets close to. For me you are the defacto #1 creator no contest if you claimed to be #2 who would claim to be #1. Add to that the fact this level of work isn't paid is simply a slap in the face to every paid creator who should all be embarrassed by the crap they put out.
Oh wow Kenji thats some crazy praise right there. Stoked what I do is seen like that!
Mmmm, dat Elfette <3 <3 <3 <3
Thanks for the review Orph. I now see the elfette light!
Sexy as they come!
You know it !!
Wowwwwwww! What can I say?? I saw someone else say that she has a really unique face, and I agree - her face is so interesting and I love that about her. <3 Thank you for your work, both of you!!!
Great to the see the effort to make my girls unique is paying off! As always thank you for the kind words Rainey!
Holy shit that's impressive. I thank you very much for leaving the ears morph separate cos elves can jog on!
100% Wils, I knew not everyone would be into the elves!
OMG she's perfect. This is wizardry <3
Thank you so much for the review!
You do elves now huh bro? Stunning work as always!
I have been converted to the elfs by a certain French elf superfan. Oh and the ears are a lot of fun to sculpt too!!
Great to see you back! Hope its not another 6 months till we are graced with your next masterpiece.
Was it really that long, daymn il try to do better...
Absolute flex of a look!! In a sea of creators making endlessly samey models you always manage to do something unique every time. I have so much respect for that as no one else seems to really be going for a totally diff look and feel each time.
Thanks Misha! I absolutely strive for unique each time so its great to hear you think im hitting that mark. I will say having Gilgas base look this time help a whole heap ;)
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