Person Jaw Physics & Triggers

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    “Name Space” By default this will say “Person”. This will display the name of the currently selected Person Atom. You can rename it here as well.

    “Triggers” can be used to setup various complex actions that activate after being triggered when collided with. There are several builtin triggers available on the Female Person Atom. In this example, shown in the gif below, the ball is colliding with the ”Left Nipple Trigger” which then activates the morph target “Smile Open Full Face” for 0.2 second.

    These are the built in triggers available, the following screenshots show the location and size of each of the triggers :

    ”Lip Trigger”

    ”Mouth Trigger”

    ”Throat Trigger”

    ”Left Nipple Trigger”

    ”Right Nipple Trigger”

    ”Labia Trigger”

    ”Vagina Trigger”

    ”Deep Vagina Trigger”

    ”Deeper Vagina Trigger”

    The following option affects the Jaw Physics of the Person Atom. This is mostly used when driving the jaw from an audio file being played through the head.

    ”Jaw Hold Spring” This affects how tightly the mouth of the Person Atom is held closed. The higher the number the more difficult it is to open the mouth. The lower the number the easier it is.

    ”Audio Drive Multiplier” This affects how much motion is applied to the jaw when being driven by an audio file.

    ”Jaw Hold Damper” This affects how quickly the jaw will return to a closed state after being opened.

    ”Audio Drive Extra Angle”

    ”Drive Jaw Angle From Head Audio”

    ”Tongue Collision”

    ”Audio Drive Max Angle”
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