Material Shader

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  • Material Shader

    “Name Space” This will display the name of the currently selected Atom. You can rename it here as well.

    Material Tab Global Options

    ”Save To” gives you three “quick save” slots to save your current material settings to easily transfer them to another atom. This saves settings from all three material panels: Params, Shader and Textures. They will stay in memory during scene changes or a hard reset however be lost when VaM is closed.
    ”Restore From” This is where you will restore the material settings from the channel you saved them to in the “Save To” box. For example if you saved to channel “1” in the “Save To” panel, You will restore the settings by clicking on the “1” in this panel.
    ”Reset” resets all material settings across all three panels: “Params”, “Shader” and “Textures”.

    These three buttons are how you change to one of the three material option sub panels in the Atom Material Tab.
    ”Params” Displays the Material Parameter options.
    ”Shader” Displays the “Shader” options. The current page you are reading.
    ”Textures” Displays the “Texture” options.

    “Render Queue” This setting affects the layer that the selected material is drawn on when the game engine renders your scene. You can use this to manually assign which object is rendered first or last within your scene. Normally you would only need to use this when working with multiple transparent objects.
    Demonstrating the effect of changing the Render Queue on the eye glass material as it renders over the other transparency based materials.

    ”Hide Material” Disables the current material from being rendered hiding the object. This is not the same as turning the Atom Off. Collision and any physics settings are still active when hiding by material.
    An example of Hide Material being toggled.
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