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  • Desktop UI Bar

    The Desktop UI when game is in Play Mode

    The Desktop UI while VaM is in Edit Mode

    This UI bar is unique to playing VaM on the desktop. It adds controls that are not needed in the VR experience.

    “F1” Toggles the “Desktop UI Bar” On and Off when playing on the desktop.

    “Toggle Game UI” Keyboard Shortcut “U” - Opens VaM’s Base UI Panel. This panel is identical to the VR one.

    “Toggle Mouse Look” Keyboard shortcut “Tab” This can be clicked on with your mouse. To toggle off again you hit the “tab” key

    A green “Activated” tab will be shown while Mouse look is active.

    While in “Mouse look” mode moving your mouse with no buttons pressed or “Left click” rotates your monitor camera around its own center point. “Right click” rotates the monitor camera around your selected focus. While “Middle Mouse” is pressed it moves your monitor camera Left, Right, Up and Down based on your mouse movement.

    “Toggle Targets” Keyboard Shortcut “T” toggles the Atom UI Icon graphics off and on in your viewport. This only works while the “Main UI” is toggled “On”.

    “Focus Selected” Keyboard shortcut “F” Focuses the Monitor Camera on the currently selected Atom. Your monitor camera will now rotate around that point when “Right Clicking”.

    “Reset Focus” Keyboard Shortcut “R” resets your “Monitor Camera Right Click” rotation back to itself and off of your last selected target.

    “Highlighted: “C” to Cycle Stack”: When your mouse cursor is hovering over multiple Atom Icons that are closely grouped together. Keyboard shortcut “C” will cycle through them as shown in this gif. When the desired selection is highlighted "Left Click" to select it.

    This rollout button reveals extra options for adjusting VaM’s Main UI on the desktop.

    “UI offset” A scale slider allowing you to offset the Main UI Panel Up and down your Desktop Screen. This settings default is 0 when you launch the game. Values are saved across sessions.

    “UI Scale” A scale slider allowing you to increase the size and resolution of the Main UI. Helpful when reading fine print. Use in combination with “UI Offset” to focus on important information. This settings default is 1 when you first launch the game. Values are saved across sessions.

    “FoV” Adjusts your monitor camera Field of view from 20 degrees to 100 degrees. This works separately from your “WindowCamera” This settings default is 40 when you first launch the game. Values are not saved across sessions.
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