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    We have recently updated our Site Policies regarding the use of Non Commercial content within Paid Content posts. Please read the new policy here.

    An offical announcement about this new policy can be read on our Discord.

    ~The VaMHub Moderation Team
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    We posted an announcment regarding upcoming changes to Paid Content submissions.

    Please see this thread for more information.

Official VaMHuB Piracy Policy


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Hello Everyone,

The VaM Moderation Team is aware of certain individuals who are profiting off of our community by charging money for free content that has been licensed as Non-Commercial by our hard working community creators.

These individuals want you to pay money to subscribe and receive access to looks/scenes that can be easily reproduced using existing free content on the hub. In order to maintain the quality and trust of our community, and more effectively fight piracy and “low effort creators" who use your NC content to make quick money, we are implementing the following:

  1. We will be adopting a new “No Tolerance Policy" for misuse of noncommercial licensing which can be read in detail below and can lead to stricter penalties.

  2. We will provide a detailed how-to for members who are interested in creating original content, including resources and instructions for how to make sure that your content does not violate any noncommercial licenses.

  3. We will be working to centralize all community-created guides and tutorials to further aid new users in content creation and enjoyment of VaM.
No Tolerance Policy

Do not assume that because your content is not hosted on the Hub that you are not required to adhere to this policy. If you are using the Hub to advertise paid content, then all of your content on and off the Hub must adhere to this policy.

Packaging, Renaming, or modifying non-commercially licensed content that has been taken from an online marketplace (such as Daz3D, Renderosity or Renderotica) is prohibited. This applies to both the Paid and Free categories. An “interactive license” does not mean that you can redistribute the content or use it in paid work.​

Packaging, Renaming, or modifying non-commercially licensed content that has been downloaded from the Hub or taken from one of our creators’ paid subscriber pages and using it in Paid content is prohibited.​

Using non-commercially licensed content as dependencies in your paid content (even if it is only to link to these resources) is prohibited.​

Using non-commercially licensed content in screenshots or marketing for your paid content is prohibited.​
If you have permission from the original creator or are meeting their "terms of use" for including NC content. You must state that explicitly in your content post.

Any work released in the Free section of the Hub that contains NC content must also have an NC license. Resources with NC content cannot be licensed CC BY.​

Posting content to the “free” section of the Hub that then links to an off-site subscription service or paywall (aka the content is not actually free) is prohibited.​

Submitting fake or useless updates for your work in order to “bump” your content back to the top of the category list is prohibited. This includes both Paid and Free categories. Your update should include a description of what is being updated and why, and must be specific. “Made her cuter” is not a legitimate update.​

Using the “free” section as an advertising platform for your paid content is prohibited. Links to off-site pay services are allowed in the free section as “support me at” links, also known as “promotional link”. Beyond this link, your free resources cannot link to paid content in the description unless that content is directly related to the free resource.​

Example of acceptable link: You have a legitimate free plugin that provides value and useability on its own merit, and you want to provide a link to a “pro” version which provides extra features. You have detailed in your description what users will receive in both the free and paid versions so there is no confusion.​

Example of prohibited link: You have posted a free “look” and have added links to other paid looks with the description “If you like this look, check out my other looks”.​

Posting images or videos as “resources” in the “other” section or any other resource category is prohibited. Images and video are available in the resource categories to aid in your description of a resource. Images and videos by themselves belong in the media section.​

Posting media in the media section that is an advertisement for paid content is prohibited.​
Disciplinary Actions

Disciplinary actions are entirely up to the discretion of the moderation team. Violation of any part of this policy can result in any or all of the following:

Warning (Multiple warnings will result in a ban)​

Approval Required (Your future posts will require moderator approval)​

Loss of Posting Privileges (You will no longer be able to access the categories in which the violation occurred. You will not be permitted to post any links to your paid content anywhere on the Hub or on the official Discord.)​

Removal of Resources (Any violation may result in a removal of the resource or resources in which the violation occurred. If multiple violations have occurred, we reserve the right to remove all resources.)​

Immediate Ban (Some violations may result in an immediate ban with no warning)​

We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time, and to enforce this policy in any way that we see fit.


Non-commercial License: For the purposes of this policy, this includes any content that has been purchased from a marketplace, is licensed CC BY-NC, CC BY-NC-SA, CC BY-NC-ND, PC, PC-EA, or “Questionable”, or is a copyrighted work of any kind including photos, videos, and audio. Non-commercial means that you may not use the work, even as a dependency, to advertise, market, or sell your work even if the original work has been modified or tweaked. This includes using the work in screenshots or media to advertise your paid platform.​

Packaged/Packaging Content: This refers to the act of taking another person’s work, for example a var that is available on the Hub, and including that content either in part or in whole as part of your download. Some examples would be:​
  1. Copying someone else’s work to the Custom folder of your resource
  2. Including someone else’s work in an external link and instructing your subscribers to copy the work either to the Custom folder or the Addons folder
Dependency: You have downloaded someone’s work from the Hub and used it in your scene. When you package your scene with the Package Manager, it will automatically list the dependencies. When someone else loads your scene, VaM will give them the opportunity to download the packages from the Hub that your scene is dependent on.​

Paywall: Any time money is required to gain access to content.​

Loss of Privileges: Loss of posting privileges can mean anything from being barred from accessing/viewing a category to requiring moderator approval for anything submitted to a category. In all cases, loss of Paid Privileges will include being barred from sharing your paid links anywhere on the Hub until your privileges are restored. Loss of privileges can be temporary or permanent in length depending on the circumstances and will be determined entirely by the Moderation Team.​


If your content is found to be misusing non-commercially licensed assets, you may be given the opportunity to correct the issue. This will generally involve re-creating your content by removing the NC assets (including screenshots) and re-uploading your resource(s).

Understanding Our New Policies and Their Benefits

The policies we are implementing have to do with protecting intellectual property and respecting creative commons licensing. We want to protect our awesome content creators who've been kind enough to share their work.

We want to maintain a community where free content remains free and isn't exploited for personal gain. When we prohibit the sale or distribution of content that violates noncommercial licenses, we're saying loud and clear that we support the original creators and their hard work. We want them to keep sharing their amazing stuff with all of us.

By taking swift action against piracy, we're showing that we care about our creators' rights. And you know what? It's not just about protecting the creators—it's about fostering an environment that encourages creativity, innovation, and collaboration. When we respect Creative Commons licenses and prevent the unauthorized commercial use of content, we rebuild trust, keep those talented creators on board, and build a thriving, supportive community for everyone to enjoy.


At VaMHub, we're dedicated to improving communication between our community members and our moderator team. We genuinely value your input and welcome your suggestions on how we can enhance your experience.

If you have concerns or questions, there are a couple ways you can reach out:

Contact one of our moderator team members directly:

Contact one of our moderators on our official Discord: Virt-A-Mate

We encourage you to report any content that you believe violates our policies, as it allows us to swiftly address and resolve such issues. We want VaMHuB to be a positive experience for everyone involved.

If you have a concern about a specific resource, review, media item, or post, please use the report link. Your report is kept confidential and can only be seen by moderators:


After submitting your report, one of our moderator team members will be in touch to address your concern.

Thank you for your time.
VaMDeV and the VaMHuB moderation team.
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Added a line specifically addressing if you have permission to use a creator's NC content in your PC post. Please keep in mind, if you do not make note of this we will assume you do not have permission and will act accordingly.

If you have permission from the original creator or are meeting their "terms of use" for including NC content. You must state that explicitly in your content post.
Added a line specifying that repackaging NC content as CC BY is not a loophole.

Any work released in the Free section of the Hub that contains NC content must also have an NC license. Resources with NC content cannot be licensed CC BY.
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