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Official Copyright Infringement Clarification


Staff member
Hello everyone in the VaM community!

Copyright issues have always been a source of concern and confusion within our community. I hope to make it very clear what our position as Admins is on this matter, VaM's legal situation and as a creative community what your boundaries and rights are when it comes to protecting your own creations.

To begin with, VaM and VaMHub as a business entity have a clearly defined legal document outlining how anyone, you an individual, a small business or corporate entity can report claims of copyright infringement within a concise and legal framework to have your own personal or copyrighted work taken down from our VaMHub site. This is in accordance with the Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (17 U.S.C. § 512) (“DMCA”) which is outlined clearly on our VaMHub website here: https://hub.virtamate.com/help/copyright-policy/

This means that if anyone or any company contacts our designated Copyright Agent and files a DMCA notice. We are legally bound to investigate and remove any and all content that is in violation of said copyright.

What does this mean for you as a creative individual?

It means that, as Admins, it is not our responsibility to investigate every asset uploaded to the hub for its origins. It is up to the copyright holder to notify us that their asset has been shared without permission via the DMCA notice to our designated copyright agent and we should remove it. All DMCA notices we receive through this legal channel will be acted upon immediately. We will take this notification very seriously.

With that said, if you are a creative individual working alone on your passion project and find your work shared on our site without your permission. PLEASE CONTACT US! If it is your personal work that is being shared and you can prove it, please contact us and we will investigate and act on it. We want to protect you. The creative individuals that make our community special. We will not require you as an individual to go through the DMCA process.

To reiterate. Any individual content creator can contact us directly to investigate claims that their personal content is being distributed without their personal permission. Go to the asset in question on VaMHub and use the "Report" button, include any relevant details and we will act on it and follow up as needed.

What you can do as a member of our community.

To be perfectly clear, we are not able to check every asset that comes through the hub for copyrighted content. We rely on you as a community to inform us. if you find evidence of store bought assets from sites like Daz Studio or Renderosity. Please contact us and we will look into the matter. If you see an individual's content being shared without their permission, Please contact that individual first before contacting us. When it comes to an individual's personal assets we prefer to receive reports that come from the creator. It makes our job much easier if we are in direct contact with them and not a third party reporting on their behalf.

I hope this clarifies our position on copyrighted material and your personal rights in protecting your own assets from being re-shared.

Thank you for your time,
VaMDeV and the VaM Admin team.
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