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  1. Sporty Leggings - 4 Materials, 3 Lengths, Pulled Down preset

    Paid Clothing Sporty Leggings - 4 Materials, 3 Lengths, Pulled Down preset 2024-05-15

    Any pose, any body type, any scenario - it will fit perfectly! I was cooking this leggings for a while and now I'm glad to present it to my perverts! 4k materials, customizable colors, accessible pulled-down presets, different lengths - it all here in one cloth item! Any suggestions are welcome!
  2. Cathalina

    Paid Looks Cathalina 1

    Cathalina. Fit blonde bombshell. Low fat % that makes here a bit veiny and muscular. Clothing on pictures not included in package. Great clothing and great creators, thank you. Clothing used are: VL_13: Catsuit MrGiggly: G_Strips_Heel_High SupaRioAmateur: Anaconda Heels VAM-YJ: Classic Dress...
  3. PornPlayer's High Maintenence Dress

    Clothing PornPlayer's High Maintenence Dress 1.0
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Saw a particularly titillating gif of a model rocking the hell out of this kind of dress today, so I thought I'd dedicate some hours to create it within the VaM-iverse. It's a more elegant design (relatively speaking, at least 😅) that may not realisticly be a high maintenence piece of clothing...
  4. Delish - 2 in 1

    Paid Looks Delish - 2 in 1 1

    My take on a beautiful e-star! Features custom sculpted morphs and custom face textures. Features 2 different body types: Kitty and Thiccc. Includes 2 different outfits. Includes 4 appearance presets: 1 of each body type, nude and clothed...
  5. Gema

    Paid Looks Gema 2023-11-30

  6. Simple Sports Bra

    Clothing Simple Sports Bra 2.0
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA

    Started as a custom bra for an appearance preset. But I liked it enough that I made a few different colors and I'm uploading it separately. Comes with presets for several variants: white, black, orange, red, gold, plain black, and a plain white version so it can be turned whatever color you...
  7. PornPlayer's Tubular Dress

    Clothing PornPlayer's Tubular Dress 1.0
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    My attempt at another classic design, the tube dress. I decided not to make a higher vertex count version for this one since there wasn't any noticable improvement in the fit when I was messing around with it. However, I have instead included a bunch of different presets and other methods of...
  8. PornPlayer's Street Walker Dress

    Clothing PornPlayer's Street Walker Dress 1.0
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Next in my long line of kinda slutty dresses is this little off-shoulder number. This stylish dress has a number of different presets to quickly give you a light, dark or red hot look, as well as two different diffuse maps that let you switch between a warmer cotton dress and a simple but sexy...
  9. PornPlayer's Second Skin Dress

    Clothing PornPlayer's Second Skin Dress 1.0
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Ever since I caught eye of someone wearing the hell out of this kind of dress I decided I desperately needed to bring it to VaM before that lovely image left my head. Beware, it is not for the faint of heart (or rather mostly those who already have rough peformance without particularly detailed...
  10. MeganR

    Looks MeganR 2
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    MeganR. (Clothing, not included in the package) Clothing: WeebU - Fancy Heels. AnythingFashionVR - AFVR fishnet top VL_13 - Leotard_80s_Shin VL_13 - Pantia_AT_G_Strings_Things_2 Jackaroo - Hoop Earrings
  11. Olive Rodriguez

    Paid Looks Olive Rodriguez 1

    A perfect girlfriend to sing you lullaby. If you have been loving my looks, don't forget to check out my other looks collection. I do accept commission, please check it out on my patreon (feel free to find me on VAM discord group or message me via Patreon). And big thanks to these...
  12. Tight Bike Shorts

    Paid Clothing Tight Bike Shorts 2023-07-05

    Summer in it's heat! Bike shorts like magnets for our eyes - so let's look at it more with this little pack of 7 styles for Bike Shorts. It has decent physic settings for almost any pose. And all presets have ripped versions for...better usage.
  13. PornPlayer's Late Night Dress

    Clothing PornPlayer's Late Night Dress 2.0
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Your girl won't be able to walk five feet without getting propositioned in this tight little one-armed number. Whether the situation requires elegance, romance, or just pure sexiness, this dress has you covered with a bunch of different presets can be coloured to your choosing. Also included are...
  14. PornPlayer's Club Goer Mini

    Clothing PornPlayer's Club Goer Mini 1.0
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Hello once again, I bring gifts (well, gift). Introducing the Club Goer Mini! Whereas my LBD was insprired by the iconic... well... Little Black Dress, this mini skirt was inspiried by the iconic... well... miniskirt. A silm little thing to show off those legs while better fitting with any...
  15. PornPlayer's Little Black Dress

    Clothing PornPlayer's Little Black Dress 2.0
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    The world of fashion has given birth to countless intricate and stunning designs, but when it comes to simply showing off those curves you can't go wrong with the classics. You know what I'm talking about, spaghetti straps, high hemline, low neckline. Leaves about as little to the imagination as...
  16. The Seashell

    Paid Scenes The Seashell 1

    A scene with seashell position. -You can switch male and female povs with toggles (or f2 and f3) -All animations have "bulge" and "tight" options -All animations have speed sliders (except cum, idle and tight animations) -Sounds are triggered via Timeline and LogicBricks, there are no "auto...
  17. PornPlayer's Short and Sweet Dress

    Clothing PornPlayer's Short and Sweet Dress 1.0
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Introducing my very first clothing addon! When you just want a dress that's tight, short, and shows off those prized assets, look no further than this simple but sexy minidress! It comes with a couple presets to add just a little variety. Full disclosure, this is literally the very first...
  18. Marissa - The Curious Cum Slut

    Paid Looks Marissa - The Curious Cum Slut 1

    A ripe pear for your perusal~ Featuring custom high quality textures and custom morphs. Credits and Dependencies: Hunting-Succubus - Enhanced_Eyes (new version used with permission from Hunting-Succubus) VL_13 - Boots ST ||| Foot L ||| Breeches White ||| Top SK (simmed version made by...
  19. Kat, The Bombshell

    Looks Kat, The Bombshell 3.0

    KAT 3.0 IS HERE! Take a look at the updates page to see how this Bombshell has been 'upgraded' :cool: Whether she's prowling nightclubs, stalking busy streets or showing her bait in the local cafe, Kat always has one thing in mind, and that's finding her next prey. Whether your a boob or an...
  20. Ripped biker shorts

    Paid Clothing Ripped biker shorts 2022-03-13

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