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  1. Aegis (Human) Alt Pose

    Aegis (Human) Alt Pose

    "Why would you choose to take a picture from this angle? My optimal methods of engagement are via full frontal assaults." Skybox import by ChainedStar, beach asset by Charlestone, poses from billprime "klphgz edit" compilation. Uses PostProcessing plugin by Moyashi and LUT by ICannotDie.
  2. Aigis (Human)

    Aigis (Human)

    "Leader, I am uncertain of the tactical value in these photographic exercises. My role is to be your sword and shield." I knew eventually someone would com one of the valid P3R models, and just...wow. Another incredible Oni import. Elizabeth next? >.>
  3. Aigis

    Looks Aigis 1.1
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC-ND

    Aigis Providing assistance. Package includes: Full Morph (+Variants) Textures Clothing Hair Here is the second launch model for June! Courtesy of a kind patron, big thanks to them! This was a challenging but fun one to do. Big fan of the series and character. The model is a fresh port of...
  4. Takamaki Anne Persona Cosplay Set

    Paid Looks Takamaki Anne Persona Cosplay Set 2024-05-06

    Ann Takamaki From Persona What's inside the package: - Look - Clothing [Bodysuit + CUA Tail, Bodysuit Exposed + CUA Tail, Mask + position preset, Gloves, Head Accessories, Shoes, Eyeshadows] - Hairstyle To change mask position Customize>Plugins>Stopper.StaticClothing>Load Preset Tail has...
  5. P5R Clinic

    Assets P5R Clinic 3
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Time for a checkup with the P5R Clinic from Sasukay at deviantart credits to Atlus, Sega Acid Bubbles created a rough street part, due to clinics windowed door included prefabs; P5R Clinic clinic shell , outer building wall chair stool x2 curtain 2 plugins; Timeline 283 blenshapes doors plugin...
  6. Satonaka Chie Cosplay Set

    Paid Looks Satonaka Chie Cosplay Set 2023-04-24

    Satonaka Chie from Persona 4 What's inside the package: - Look - Jacket + exposed version, top, skirt, shorts[exposed preset], socks, shoes - Hairstyle To change preset go to clothing>customize>preset>select existing one Credits(not include): Pose by klphgz...
  7. Collage - Kawakami.png

    Collage - Kawakami.png

  8. 1675077134.jpg


  9. 1675076054.jpg


  10. 1675076596.jpg


  11. P5 - Tae Takemi

    Looks P5 - Tae Takemi 1.0
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC

    P5 - Takemi This was the thirdPersona model I ported. It was requested on the NoOC discord recently so i'm sharing it here now. Do NOT use model or clothing on any patreon posts / paid works. If you would like to commission a model port (DAZ, MMD, Blender, Koikatsu) feel free to get in...
  12. Elizabeth - Persona 3

    Looks Elizabeth - Persona 3 v2
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC-SA

    Velvet room attendant Elizabeth. Includes: Fullbody morph Full outfit set minus gloves Hair, brows, lashes and eye crease as clothing items Only a simple set of diffuse textures, no spec or normal maps I've done my best to fix clipping and janky physics but some issues likely remain. I...
  13. P5 - Makoto

    Looks P5 - Makoto 2021-07-11
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC

    P5 Makoto This was the first Persona model I ported and learned a lot from. As a result, it's not quite as good as the other two I've done (Ann + Takemi screenshots below) but I've been asked to share it on multiple occasions so here it is. Do NOT use model or clothing on any patreon posts /...
  14. Resource icon

    Plugins Dollmaster Male Personas 1

    This is old, and I barely knew what I was doing :p But i somehow managed. You can tweak the facial expressions within the script, add on, do whatever you want with this. Enjoy! You'll want Dollmaster DollMaster plugin written by VamDeluxe Fixed by vamX I created two Dollmaster Personas for...
  15. Feline Confidant

    Looks Feline Confidant 1
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC-SA

    A janky texture edit of the in-game catsuit. Note: Boots, gloves, and tail from album not included. Also, the VAR includes an optional, custom normal map to make the zippers look more 3-dimensional. It does not load with the scene by default because I liked the texture of the built-in catsuit a...
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