1. Hotel Room

    Hotel Room

    My newest scene

    Paid Scenes Hotel Room 2022-08-15

    You just booked a nice hotel room with private bathroom, what is your next step? Feautres: - working doors (can be opened via script in Atom menu) - working shower - ideal for voyeurism (blinds in the bathroom) --------------------------------- You can turn ON/OFF mirrors and floor...

    Paid Scenes Apartment [Day-Night] 2022-04-07

    I can convert ready 3D models or create 3D model from scratch :) Have idea? let me know 3D model by NextLevel3D Happy VAMing! POST FX- ON
  4. Korisaki

    Assets Modern Room 1.2

    Moveable modern room with a bunch of space for activities. High ceilings and wide floors.
  5. Cs Digital Studio

    Paid Scenes Loft 01 2020-10-27

    A fully furnished and functional modern loft complete with table, chairs, bed, sofa, piano various plants and web browser tv.. All the internal furniture can be positioned at will.
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