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    Shot 1
  2. Vam_SlesaR

    Paid Assets US Police pack 2021-10-27

    Hi friends, I have made for you a set of police items, such as coffee, donuts, etc. Pack include: walkie-talkie, beretta m9, donuts, cofee, police hat and police car More mods in my patreon
  3. 2nd To All

    Assets Bullet-firing SMG 2021-10-11

    An SMG with animated periodic bullet fire. The bullets do not collide with other objects. The weapon might need scaling down slightly depending on the carrier. This picture did make me wonder what "GTA: VaM" would be like:
  4. Ark1F1

    Assets M7 SMG 1

    Hey guys! Enjoy this HQ SMG i found from halo! Creds to owner I just ported to VaM!
  5. abubu_nownanka

    Assets S&W500 3inch+1 1.0

    I converted the gun and ammo box model I made before for vam. Use it in your scene! What's included: CustomUnityAsset(gun and ammo box) (She is not included in the file.)
  6. Tanklover

    Assets Talon Rifle ( Widowmaker's Rifle ) 1.0

    Hello everyone. I started this small project a few days ago. Recreated the Model from scratch in blender, Took a few days to complete. Didn't know what to do with this. So i thought to upload it to the hub.
  7. V

    Scenes Gun POV 1.0

    I have decided to make a little first person animation with a pistol. It is my first time doing something like this so please don't be mean. The guy doesn't do much except aiming his gun a lil bit. If there are any questions feel free to ask them and I will answer most of (if not all) of them.
  8. CosmicFTW

    Assets Cyberpunk Militech Assault Rifle 1

    Cyberpunk Militech Assault Rifle asset with collisions enabled. Enjoy! released freely under CC Attribution
  9. Wolf Of Odin

    Assets TommyGun 2020-12-18

    Enjoy! Low res, still looks pretty decent.
  10. Wolf Of Odin

    Assets AKM Long Rifle 2020-12-18

    Thought people might want this for some scenes they are creating, or for screen shots. Enjoy!
  11. TacoCat

    Assets Minigun [Free Stuff] 1.0

    Credits: Asset ported and modified from - ( Pieter Ferreira )
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  13. ddAbb

    Assets A Safe 1

    A shitty safe to store all that cash, or maybe stuff someone into it and forget about them. I'll be updating the texture and creating several more safes soon. Stay tuned. Feedback welcome.
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