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  1. Kyndri the Baker

    Looks Kyndri the Baker 2023-03-18

    Heya, I hope everyone is enjoying elf month, and here's my humble contribution. This isn't actually original character, but rather my attempt to recreate and "remake" existing NPC from World of Warcraft. She's just a local baker from Auberdine, a night elven seaport settlement, which was...
  2. Igawa Asagi, the Master Taimanin

    Looks Igawa Asagi, the Master Taimanin 2022-11-03
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC-SA

    Sup, Not original character this time. Honestly, I didn't plan to put much effort into this look (I'm not even a fan of Taimanin universe), but it ended up being somewhat nice and worth sharing, especially since peeps in discord asked if I'm going to deliver, so... Click that download button and...
  3. Birna the Red

    Looks Birna the Red 2022-09-10
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC-SA

    Hi, Finally finished this look. It took me some time to decide what style I'm going for but now I think I'm happy enough with the final result, so here she is, ready to kick some asses. Meet the new challenger! Birna the Red More Screenshots: Smooth passes set to 1. HD Nipples by Hunting...
  4. Susanne the Waitress

    Looks Susanne the Waitress 2022-05-21

    Haven't posted in a while. Came up with something different this time - just an ordinary Nord woman from TES universe. She's not slaying any dragons and not meant to be world saviour by any means, but she definetily will provide highest quality service to any visitor of that small tavern located...
  5. Phoenix Sorceress

    Looks Phoenix Sorceress 2022-03-24
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC-SA

    Elf month, huh? It just so happened that I have another magical pointy-eared creature to share with you, and here she is... Kelnara, the Phoenix Sorceress Additional Screenshots: As usual, smooth passes are set to 1. What's included: - Appearance preset; - Separate body parts morphs for...
  6. Wild Huntress

    Looks Wild Huntress 2022-02-12

    Hi, Here comes another model, seeing as my first creation received some positive feedback. Without further to say, I proudly present to you... Leesa'o, the Wild Huntress Additional Screenshots: Smooth passes are set to 1. What's included: - Appearance preset; - Morphs for head, ears, body...
  7. Moon Priestess

    Looks Moon Priestess 2022-01-10

    So, I finally figured out how to .var things up and now I can share some of my creations with you, starting with... Luna, the Moon Priestess Additional Screenshots: For this look smooth passes are set to 1. What's included: - Appearance preset; - Separate bodyparts morphs for head, ears...
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