Zev Clothing, Look and Shower Scene

Clothing Zev Clothing, Look and Shower Scene 2023-03-17

By request.

Clothing for Zev from Lexx.

Includes the Harness Top, Belt and Gloves. I made some textures for the look too, but I didn't do a custom face morph.

The animation is a tweaked version of @ReignMocap 's Shower scene which I used just to showcase the clothing. It didn't pack it as a dependency so click the link below and show reign some love.


Thanks to
Blazedust for ColorScale.2
hazmhox for the Fluids Plugin
Hunting-Succubus for the eye reflections
MacGruber for Life
ReignMocap for the shower animation
SupaRioAmateur for the nails
Theuf for the wet hair
ZRSX for the shower nozzle (Excuse the animal dildo pack, but the show I'm emulating here is...strange.)

A special Thankyou to @VamWizard for making the flipped normals script for me, allowing me to do a curved room with the built in shapes.

This outfit was requested by SlimeJSpud on my requests page. Thanks for the inspiration.

If you have any interesting Idea's feel free to post them there too.
I'm slowly ticking them off. All for free.
Any Requests?
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This is perfect for the scene. Thanks!
Awww thanks man. If it's free on the hub you can package it.
Thanks Reign. I just wanted a bit of motion to show the clothing off, and when I saw the scene the poster referenced I thought this would be perfect. I did check it was cc-by, but I thought I should put a link. Great work.
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