Washing Trouble

Scenes Washing Trouble 3

I'm not entirely sure what prompted me to make this but I feel like somebody had to....

Special thanks to Scamp for letting me use the washing machine asset from their Laundry scene (Avaliable here - https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/sophia-does-the-laundry.7862/)

Scamp - Washing Machine
Hazmhox - VamMoan, Fluids, Vamatmosphere
Hunting Succubus - Eye Shadows
MacGruber - Life
Nostage3 - Hair
AcidBubbles - Timeline, Passenger
ToumeiHitsuji - Divining Rod Plugin
Molmark - Cum Clothing
Anonymous Voice Actress

Place the VAR in your Addon Packages Folder. You can use the hub to scan for missing dependencies.
Press the Begin button to start the animation sequence. Buttons will appear when you are able to progress onto the next animation. Passenger can be toggled on and off at the start.

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Latest updates

  1. The Audio Update!

    Hi all, Exciting update here. The scene now contains voice acting from a very talented person...
  2. Let there be light!

    As requested I've added some more lights to the scene to make it actually visible in Passenger!

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Sexy scene
+1 for including a Passenger button
Thanks great scene!
So glad I'm not the only one with a washing machine fetish!
A fun scene with a sexy idea!
got to get one of those frontloaders
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