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Hi-Res Video: https://slushe.com/video/vamx-0-95-43399.html


NEW: Major improvements to Action movement smoothness in all poses. Movement now wiggles breasts and other body parts.

NEW: Added many new sex positions to the Poses tab.

NEW: Sex & BJ MMF if you create a threesome, then select the first (new) kneeling doggie pose.

NEW: Adjusted Missionary poses so there is more room between the male and female heads, which means you can see more of the woman in VR when possessing the man.

NEW: Smooth changes between actions. When switching female or male Actions there is a smooth change, for example, between twerking and thrusting.

NEW: Animated changes between similar poses. vamX attempts to create animated changes for variations on similar poses. For example when changing between a missionary legs up, and legs down pose, only the legs move. Animated changes don't always end up in a perfect pose. To fix the pose just click the desired pose again. Although vamX attempts to make a nice transition, the female often does not change poses in a natural way (as if in real life), rather, the poses fade from one pose to another. Animated changes also have the advantage of keeping male possession intact, and creates a more immersive experience, since people don't disappear then reappear in a new place.

NEW: Random female head and eye movements add more life to the female.

NEW: The Close to Orgasm Slider, found in the Actions panel, shows female Arousal (how close the female is to orgasm). Change her arousal by pressing on the Close to Orgasm slider. Arousal starts at 0, and as she is stimulated approaches 100%. At 100% she orgasms.

NEW: Smart Thrust system. Smart Thrust chooses who is thrusting based on pose and arousal, and also dynamically changes the thrust, with a mix of some random, and some arousal based, choices. Press Smart Thrust in the Actions menu (the first button). When using Smart Thrust you can can't change actions or action speed. To go back to manual control press Stop Thrust then manually select actions & speed.

NEW: 7 more Scenes in the Scenes tab. There are now 50 scenes with more than half built in to vamX.

NEW: 7 more Looks in the Female looks tab. Includes more black and asian looks. Thanks Bamair1984 https://www.patreon.com/Bamair1984 and Paranaux https://www.patreon.com/Paranaux

NEW: Add fog, ground fog, and mirrors in the Lighting tab.

NEW: Lighting tab contains two additional pages of lighting rigs. Thanks n00rp for permission to use some of your lighting rigs in vamX!

NEW: Created default locations for the web browser in all scenes. The web browser now has a nice starting location so you can watch videos in an appropriate location in all scenes.

NEW: Added 77 new hair style presets to load and for greater diversity when generating random looks.

NEW: Add magic hand effects to the female hands during any dance (or sex pose) in the last page of the Animation tab.

NEW: Play your own custom music by putting it in VaM/Custom/Sounds. Name up to 7 music files Music1.mp3, Music2.mp3, etc., and place these files in your VaM/Custom/Sounds folder. In vamX go to Sound -> Local Music & Sound. On the last page of Local Music & Sound you'll find buttons to play the 7 custom music files.

NEW: UI now looks ok in scenes with PostMagic bloom (doesn't overly glow in scenes where other objects glow).

NEW: Greatly improved issue where VaM doesn't correctly roll over / detect button presses on the vamX UI in VR.

NEW: Arousal text bubbles are off by default. You can turn them on by going to Other -> Speech Text When Aroused.

NEW: The female only says one random line of text when the scene opens, instead of having a whole dialog. These texts are sort of little bits of a tutorial, suggesting different parts of the UI to explore.
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